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COMPLETED - WITHDRAWN - Tele Vue 41mm Panoptic

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Mint, only taken out of box. Bought from Telescope House a few months ago. Paracorr 2 setting H

£399 including Royal Mail next day, signed, tracked. Bank xfer or Paypal friends.

Photos following....

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    • By astronomer2002
      I thought my eyepiece collection was complete until I bought my "last ever" telescope. This operates at a native F8 and is just over 3250mm fl.
      I have the longer Naglers, 31, 26, 22, 17 etc and  35mm, 27mm Panoptics.  I was always a little disappointed with the kidney-beaning in the Naglers in other telescopes, though they were overall better than any other eyepiece I have used, but in this one they seem to be affected less and even the 26mm  is now a keeper. Before I got the Naglers (over many years all s/h) I had 35, 27 and 19 Panoptics. These were my favorite eyepieces until the Naglers came along. I kept the 35mm as stars seemed a little sharper in the inner 50 degrees than the Naglers, but trailed off in the outer regions and the 27mm as it really is an exceptional eyepiece.  In any case I often wanted to darken the sky with higher magnification so the longest ones were primarily used for sweeping and finding. Given sky brightness is becoming more of an issue I thought I would never need a longer focal length. Now the Naglers seem sharper over the entire view and with the higher magnification of a longer scope the sky is darker and I hanker after the widest possible field.
      The issue is that the 82 degree 31mm Nagler gives me a true fov of 0.78 degrees and the 35 mm Panoptic 0.73 degrees. There is noticeably more sky in the 31mm Nagler. A 41mm Panoptic will yield 0.85 degrees, an improvement of nearly 10% over the Nagler 31. As I can readily see the difference in the amount of sky covered by the 31mm Nagler and the 35mm Panoptic I believe the time to look at a 41mm Panoptic is here.
      Before going into a debate on whether ES eyepieces could fill the slot all I can say is that having been able to compare my old Naglers with new 82 degree ES ones in my scopes I and convinced that, for me, there is a small improvement with the Naglers at the outer regions of the field and so I am minded to discount them. They are fantastic value and I won't deny they are very good eyepieces.
      The 41mm Panoptic would seem fit the bill for this long fl scope though I suspect it would be a disaster in a fast Newtonian, which I also have.
      My quest is to find someone willing to part with theirs and/or suggestions of an alternative that someone has used in practice.
      Thankyou for reading
      Ian B
    • By Uplooker
      Tele Vue 8mm Radian in excellent condition. No marks on optics or barrel. Comes with both end caps, original box, instructions, pupil guide and Tele Vue sticker.
      The “Instadjust” eyeguard housing works smoothly and holds firm.
      Only selling to UK buyers.
      Selling for £110, including Royal Mail Special Delivery.
      I will accept payment via PayPal as gift or buyer pays fees or bank transfer.
      Happy to provide more photos on request. 
      Selling as I am just not using it and to fund further purchases.

    • By Neil27
      Televue Panoptic 35mm eye piece for sale.
      Really needs no introduction - these are the original 'space walk' eye pieces and this is in very good condition.
      Slight 'ding' mark to the side of the barrel and the usual rub marks - optically superb as you would expect.
      Comes with end caps and box (not original).
      These are £380 brand new, price is £200 including P&P - offers welcome.
      Any questions then please contact me.
      Usual payments accepted, PayPal, bank transfer and cheque.

    • By 25585
      I use the TV Panoramic mount with my Genesis. Bought both together & they are excellent grab & go. 
      So as my Skytee 2 is too heavy for tucking under an arm & I like scope in or on top mounts, I am considering a fork mount for my fracs, of which the 120 Equinox is bulkiest and heaviest. 
      The only maker I can find for fork mounts for scopes (others for binoculars) is Tele Vue, & their Gibraltar 5. They seem to come with a star finder gadget which may be good being for TV. 
      So does anyone here use a TV Gibraltar for any size of scope, & can advise on its pros & cons including the star finder?
    • By alanjgreen
      I have started making changes to my eyepiece collection!
      Having sold some fantastic "modern" eyepieces (Televue Delos) recently, the postman has delivered me a couple of "old men", the Televue 55mm Plossl & Televue Panoptic 27mm (seen pictured with the Televue Panoptic 35mm that I acquired a couple of weeks back).

      These "old dudes" are about to "have their day" once again when I get up & running with "Night Vision" later in the year...
      - the 55mm plossl will act as a 0.5x reducer (speeding up big dob to f1.9)
      - the 35mm Panoptic will act as a 0.7x reducer (speeding up big dob to f3)
      I decided to jump on a 27mm Panoptic as an alternative to "buying a Dioptrx adapter for my 24mm Panoptic" and I gain 4mm of eye relief in the process.
      - Eye relief is important as you have to get the image up to the objective lens of the image intensifier tube
      - I am assuming that the fast light cone of big dob will be better served with 2" eyepieces so I have stayed away from the 1.25" plossls for that reason (and the fact that a chunky 2" is easier to handle in the dark with gloves etc)
      Further up the power scale, I have recently sold two fantastic Panoptic 19mm eyepieces, which I have replaced with two DeLite 18.2mm (for the 20mm eye relief that the Night Vision needs plus they accept Dioptrx which is needed for the Televue TNVC Afocal adapter to attach to).

      A couple of "young guns" to keep the "old men" company!
      More to follow...
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