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Help with LRGB planetary processing

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Hi all,

Haven't been on here for a long time, but that's because I haven't had the scope out for a couple of years! Working abroad unfortunately meant I couldn't go out and play! Now I'm back in the UK full time, I'm back out doing what I love :)

Anyway, I digress... Something I've always struggled with is LRGB/IRRBG processing. I've got a mono CCD camera and I mainly use the IR Pass and RGB filters to image planets. In this case, Jupiter. I've got an L filter, but I rarely use this because of the IR Pass. Am I right in thinking that I can use the IR Pass in place of the L when it came to processing?

With regards to the RGB, I can merge these in Photoshop no problem. My struggles come with adding the 4th image, be it L or IR Pass. How to I merge all 4 images? Actually, while I'm here, can I merge all 5? IR PassLRGB? I've tried following the tips in the 'Easy LRGB Planetary Processing in Registax' thread, but my final image comes out black.

What I've ended up doing is merging the IR Pass (in place of R), G and B images to get a final colour image for the time being. I've attached the image that this has produced...

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!



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Once you have your RGB and IR images, copy the IR and paste it on top of the RGB image as an extra layer then set the layer mode to luminosity. You can then adjust the opacity if you need.


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Thanks for that Freddie!

So that's where I'm going wrong. I was trying to add my RGB images into the RGB channels of my IR image.

So create the RGB as normal, then add a layer with the IR image with the settings you've described? With the IR image not being in colour, how does this work? Would it not show as a grey layer on top? Apologies if this is a silly question... just trying to get my head around how it works!


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After a quick play, I've ended up with this. Much happier with that one! Thanks again Freddie!

By the way, I'm not afraid of comments on helping me improve my processing! So if you spot anything, fire away :)

Jupiter #2.jpg

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40 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

How do you combine L with RGB in WinJUPOS? It keeps telling me to assign L to a colour channel :dontknow:

When you combine measurements into RGB you can also pick fourth measurement as luminescence (no matter what "channel" it was assigned).



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2 hours ago, Stub Mandrel said:

How do you combine L with RGB in WinJUPOS? It keeps telling me to assign L to a colour channel :dontknow:

There a field for lum where you can select a file just like for RGB.

As a side issue is it possible to take a decent usable lum for planets? I've read it's tough and my efforts show adding a lum just makes things worse. Adding one of the RGB images as a lum can work.

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13 minutes ago, Freddie said:

Looks like you are putting the image file in as the L rather than a measurement file.

No, it only lets you select measurement files - perhaps the linked image file is colour, even though it looks B&W...

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