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First session in a long long time


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Depression is a funny thing (pun kind of intended). The darkness and the dread stop you from doing things that would cheer you up - like astronomy for example. The motivation is sucked away into the ether. 

That, coupled with a house move and life otherwise getting in the way of fun meant I’ve not had the scope out in ages. In fact I’ve not really had chance to use my AZ EQ6 GT or my Meade LX200 since I bought them 18 months or so ago. 

So it was with some determination that I’ve decided to find all my gear from the various boxes, dust down the ep’s, charge the poer bank, get the software updated and start enjoying the night skies. 

I’ve spent the last few nights gathering everything together and miraculously I have found everything except my Polemaster (which I assume to be somewhere, just haven’t come across it). 

So tonight I set the mount up, loaded on my SW 150P and went about collimating the scope and also aligning the Telrad. Had a nice bright Jupiter to work with and then I popped on an eyepiece and the big man burst into view. Moons, weather bands - the works. This was just meant to be a quick dry run of re-learning how to set everything up and it ended up being a 45 min Jupiter fest. 

The spark is well and truly back and tomorrow, clouds permitting I may even get first light on the Meade. 

I really mustn’t leave it another 18 months. To much to see up there...

Clear skies :)

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Good to hear the night sky making a difference to how someone else feels. I love getting lost amongst the stars and galaxies. It helps me relax and reminds me what an amazing place we live in.


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