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Sequence Generator Pro 3

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On 5/20/2018 at 08:57, geoflewis said:

.... It was very much a case of adding features one by one to be sure that they were working, rather than going with everything at once.

Good advice.  :thumbsup:

SGP is very powerful, but this also results in it being rather complex.  So expect to be tweaking things in there over several sessions before you get everything working the way you want.

If your polar alignment is not great, then it would be a good idea to spend some time getting that sorted before moving on as you'll hopefully find that once you get the alignment right, other stuff will drop into place much more easily.  Have you had a look at the drift alignment tool in PHD2?  I found it to be pretty good.  I have also used AlignMaster in the past but had mixed results (probably user error).


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@r3i I've not been diving too deep into PHD2 yet.   Figured that there's bigger fish to fry first, and apart from anything else, it should be working  (I used to autoguide with K3CCDTools3)   Getting guide stars isn't a problem anymore.

In the first instance I'm going to try to use Alignmaster.   In the second yes, PHD2 will drift align will be worth trying.   I do like the idea of alignmaster, seems intuitive to me.   Combined with Frame and focus from SGP, I can use my main imaging camera for alignment, which to me feels perfect.    Might try using the PHD2 drift align tool as a check though.   Two methods might be better than one.    Then again, I just want to see how this works out first.


I'm feeling confident that once I sort out my alignment, I'll be in the position to be capturing with relative ease.   M51 will make a great spring/summer target, as it's high at the moment.  So that's the first thing that I'm going for.    Once I figure out the mosaic tool, I'll be trying for M31 or something bigger, and of course in the winter, I am planning on Revisiting M42 - I love using this to compare results as I gain experience and change how I work.    Switching from DSLR, should yield better results.... I hope.

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