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    • By Gorr_77
      Thanks everyone...
      from £2.700  down to  £2.500..
      Let me know you thoughts: 

      The only one like that  Italian Red with clear alum bits Avalon M-Zero, with StarGo with Bluetooth to go with SkySafari
      Link to wideacreen-centre: www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/avalon-m-zero-fast-reverse-mount.html
      Zero backslash, no jiggles, no maintenance at all, no grease or liquids. Full set of thin shield SFX bearings.
      Really looked after...
      The previous owner used only for visual - it was stored in his living room
      Include with this mount some extra adds:
      - StarGo with BlueTooth 
      - 300mm vixen William optics Vien dovetail (usual fastening scratches)
      - Avalon X-Guider with GP Dovetail Clamp and Flat Base,
      - Baader charger,
      - USB to laptop cable
      - T-Pod 90 Tripod
      - Polar scope with Avalon designated bracket,
      - Polmaster Avalon adaptor,
      - 2  Avalon counterweights,
      - upgrade to knobs and bolts,
      - Avalon carry bags
      Delivery cost and method to be agreed.
      Paypal transfer.
      More pictures on request.

      You can add the StarGo controller underside of one of the arms : see this picture:

    • By Odiug
      Dear Avalon Enthusiasts,
      Do you have PHD2 Guiding Logs that you could share? Preferably at least 30 minutes long.
      I am curious about the contribution to the overall error from the individual parts of the belt reduction gear. PHD2 Log Viewer provides nice analysis capabilities for that. I am especially interested in the frequency analysis.
      Background is that I have built a motion module that uses a timing belt gear reduction quite similar to the Avalon mounts. Performance is quite good already, but I would like to compare it to the "real thing". 😃
    • By DeepSkyMan
      Hi there wondering if anybody has experience of using the Avalon T-Pod range of tripods.  I had my eyes set on an Altair Astro Starbase as an addition to my field observation platform, unfortunately production of these beasts has been suspended for the moment (issues with production costs v market price point).  I am consequently looking for an alternative and was wondering about the T-Pods.   One of the things that attracted me to the Starbase in the first place along with its ultra stable design, was its large adjustable feet.  I find that normal tripod feet on my back lawn, are not stable, they tend to sink into the soil during the course of an observing session.  The T-Pod feet look to be rather narrow in comparison to the Starbase, can anyone provide an opinion on their performance/stability in a lawn setup?
      Kind Regards
      Paul J.
    • By AndrewG
      New mount and camera installed.
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