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Meade LX90 Reflection

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Hi All...

I am wondering if anyone can help me?

Just starting out imaging with a Meade LX90ACF 8". Whilst I am not new to this, I've changed my game from CCD to DSLR and am on the learning curve again! I am getting a strange reflection when I image anything bright, ie a star. Please can you have a look at the image and see if you have any tips to not get this crazy blue swirl... whilst it is pretty, it is clearly not anything in the sky and will always be on the image somewhere.

Lunar or planetary.. not a problem... just the bright stuff (whether a short or long exposure). I've tried a canon 350d and 1300d.. both the same! I am still playing with my alt/dec % so am still getting a little star trail on this 3 min exposure, not worried about that!


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I was watching a documentary this morning that had a shot of the arc from a welder.

There was a large blue ring around the arc,  just like your blue ring.

 I see dslrs in shot being used for HD video, so maybe these are reflections forwards from the bayer mask?


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