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The Sun - 5th May 2018

David Smith

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Lots of sunshine today :happy3: Do you think they forgot to tell the weather there's a bank holiday this weekend :evil6:

First Ca-K FD with the new ASI 178. An adventure in capture at just 6 FPS! Have ordered a Toshiba 240gb SSD to try and speed things up and if that doesn't work then a new laptop will be in order :ohmy:. An adventure in processing, everything is just so much bigger and takes somewhat longer! And all my tried and trusted settings for things like ImPPG, Gimp, etc need to be modified as well as my "Earth to Scale" icon (absent to day as I have not had chance to scale it up for the new image scale). I'm pretty pleased with the white lights, especially if you view in full res. Ca-K looks a bit soft to me but the disk is pretty quiet so may just be that. Will be easier to adjust on-the-fly once I get the capture rates up a bit, it's a bit hit-and-hope at the moment!

Thoughts, comments, critique, ideas all welcomed.





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