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Walking on the Moon

Messier 102 + IMX287


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Owen Gingerich has suggested NGC 5866/Messier 102 as a worthy object with which to fill this blank in Messier's catalogue. This galaxy appears to closely match both Mechain's object description in the 1781 printed version of the Messier Catalog of 1781, and the object position listed by Charles Messier in his hand-written notes.

This is a picture with the new IMX287 at only 2" of exposure


Expo=10X2" Altit= 40º  Moon=0%  Histog.Peak =22%  MeteoBlue Seeing= 3-1

SKW Quattro f/4+Risingtech IMX287

M 102 SPINDLE GX DRACO 10X2 4 0º M0 H22 S 3-1 SKW+IMX287.jpg

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