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Canon 450D modified for astrophotography.

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For sale 450D camera modified for astronomy, the IR filter has been removed to allow the important red emission nebula to come through.
This camera has a low shutter count of 3977, in very good condition, comes with 1 battery/charger, USB connecting lead to computer and manual, I don't have the original box, but will pack, very well. The price is £165 and includes special delivery. This is for the camera body, no lens. Any questions please email me any questions........




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    • By MarcusAntonio
      Hi All...
      I am wondering if anyone can help me?
      Just starting out imaging with a Meade LX90ACF 8". Whilst I am not new to this, I've changed my game from CCD to DSLR and am on the learning curve again! I am getting a strange reflection when I image anything bright, ie a star. Please can you have a look at the image and see if you have any tips to not get this crazy blue swirl... whilst it is pretty, it is clearly not anything in the sky and will always be on the image somewhere.
      Lunar or planetary.. not a problem... just the bright stuff (whether a short or long exposure). I've tried a canon 350d and 1300d.. both the same! I am still playing with my alt/dec % so am still getting a little star trail on this 3 min exposure, not worried about that!

    • By lalou
      Hi All. Need your help on my first try at M51. After stacking around 1 hour+ of 2 mins exposures this is what I got. I wasn't able to use darks and flats because I had a problem with the darks that I took during that night. I'm getting a slight red tone on the background when I enhance with levels and curves in Photoshop. I took the image in a fairly dark site but I used a UHC filter to see if it has any help on the image. My equipment is a Celestron C6N reflector, Nikon D90, and a Baader UHC filter.

    • By Sunshine
      Hello! I was wondering if there was a preferred version of windows for imaging with dedicated cams? Have I read somewhere in SGL that many favor windows 7 over 10?.
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      I would like to share my design of a smart barn door tracker. It is a simple to build isosceles barn door tracker with tangent error correction through a Arduino micro-controller. I have shared all the details about the tracker including the mechanical design, electrical circuit and the software source code here:
      If you are interested in the math and other details about a barn door tracker, more details are there in the blog. Also find an online calculator which helps in calculating various parameters while designing a barn door tracker. The blog is here:

      M46 and M47 shot with this tracker.
      135mm lens, ISO800, 15sec X 200 subs (50 minutes) exposure. Cannon 500D.

      Comments and suggestions most welcome!
    • By pblackwell
      Hi guys, 
      I managed to get this picture last night using my Celesteon SCT 9.25, with an old Cannon Rebel camera which had a x2 Barlow attached and went into the diagonal.
      Not sure what the expose time was but it was very short as longer exposure made it white with no orange band detail.
      Just edited the image on my iPhone. No stacking nothing.
      Can I expect much better pictures with my kit? If so how?
      Many thanks


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