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Count The Galaxies


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At this time of year and with an image of Markarian's Chain it's fun to see how many galaxies can be counted. This image from a couple of nights ago was 26 subs at 3 min, 650/130 reflector. The second image is an annotated version from astrometry.net - how many did you get?




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Great pic. Still amazes me how big everything out there is and how much stuff there is. 

Doug Adams had it spot on in his 'Space is big......really big' line 

Also believe that there has to be some forms of life out there too. Some sentient and some none. Do they look and act like us? Probably not because we developed human beings for this particular rock at this exact point in our space. 

I think I may have imbibed too much grape juice while out in the sun.....but can't get over how see inspiring this hobby/obsession we have is

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