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Hello from Yorkshire

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Hi all.. 

New to astronomy,  bought my son a cheap telescope for Xmas and have enjoyed viewing with him so just bought myself a 250mm dob. Pleased to say it arrived today so started off with a bit of moon viewing.  Must admit I've had a lovely evening! 

Can see me investing quite a bit of time and money into this. Look forward to hearing from some of you members as time goes on. 


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Hi, Jas, and welcome to SGL.

6 hours ago, RiponJas said:

Hope I can learn a lot from on here

Just post any questions on the appropriate board and you will find a wealth of knowledge and experience, together with a willingness to share it.

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Hi Jas from land down under

Also have a 250mm collapsible dob

If you attached some Baader Solar film underside of small hole of the plastic lid, then also be able top observe the sun

Attached image solar eclipse back in 2011








Solar Eclipse.jpg

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