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Full 1.25" Filter set Baader/Astrodon **SOLD**

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Hi SGL members!

As I'm moving to 2" filters I wish to sell my 1.25" mounted filter setup.

This setup consist of a kit of Baader LRGB as seen here for example:

https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p563_Baader-LRGB-CCD-Filtersatz-1-25----Interferenzfilter---4-Filter.html  @268 Euros

plus the piece de resistance, the Astrodon 3nm ones; Ha, SII, OIII.

New they are 608 Euros a pop.... Example:


I will part with the LRGB set for £150 and the Astrodons for £450 each of £1200 for the lot of three. That is effectively most of the haggling done already.

These filters rendered me six AAPODs in one year alone, and that was with mediocre OTAs and substandard processing skills...

I can accept PayPal, UK or French, UK or European Bank transfer, I can ship from the UK or France, no problem as I tend to go back and fourth. Let's say £7.50 per filter shipping cost for insurance purposes. They will also be available for pickup in London shortly.

The filters have never been cleaned or wiped. They have lived in Atik Filter wheels as long as I had them.

Below: LRGB set to the left, Astrodons to the right.


PS There might be an ATIK EFW2 up for grabs too once these are gone ;-)





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I just looked at the prices as linked above. Was not aware they could be had cheaper. 

Ha purchase date: 05.08.2013
OIII and SII: 17.09.2013
LRGB: 28.08.2013


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  • Jessun changed the title to Full 1.25" Filter set Baader/Astrodon **under offer**
14 minutes ago, geordie85 said:

It won't be much as duty is worked out on weight 

I've just looked that up..its based on the value of the item purchased..

The Customs Duty Rate is a percentage. This percentage is determined by the total purchased value of the article(s) paid at a foreign country and not based on factors such as quality, size, or weight. 

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17 minutes ago, geordie85 said:

It won't be much as duty is worked out on weight 

Wouldn't count on it this is my weather station weight  84 grams.




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  • Jessun changed the title to Full 1.25" Filter set Baader/Astrodon **SOLD**
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