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Leo Triplet - 16´´ Altaz Dob & Sony A7S


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Hi all

another target for my SV16’´ dob taken last month during a night with periods of clouds and bad seeing. Here is the result of only 35 subs of 20s each. (11min40s at 3.200 iso with sony A7S (Astrodon) and SV16 in altaz tracking.

of course not enough subs and SNR to low... out of focus and coma due to wrong backfocus... too tired that night :embarassed:

thanks for your comments


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Lovely image.  Wowsers, 20s subs?  That camera is a beast.  I've been eyeing up the Leo Triplet with a view to hunting the tidal tail, but reckon I'd need 20m subs at least, and that's with the 6D, which is pretty sensitive.  I wonder how long (or rather, how short) an exposure you'd need to find it with the A7s?

Keep up the good work - looking forward to seeing more of your images!

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On 17/04/2018 at 07:21, Demonperformer said:

And still a great result.

You do realise that 12 min is a ridiculously short time to get images this good, don't you? :icon_biggrin:

Thank you all of you.

Yes I know a short time like this is not serious :grin: I’m sorry for that...

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