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Zeiss Abbe Barlow

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Expensive. Has anyone got/used a Zeiss Abbe Barlow?

Are there lower priced equivalents proved equally as good? 

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I should imagine disciplus55 will be the person who can give you some info on the Zeiss Abbe Barlows. As disciplus55 seems to love the Zeiss product's.

A modern equivalent that is just as good , but cheaper. I should imagine the closest you are going to get to that are the Televue Powermates.

I hope that helps ☺





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I own one. Lovely tool, and parfocal at 2x.The only low price barlow at the same level I can think of is the Baader VIP. Different construction though. I prefer the ZAB with my 1.25" eyepieces, whereas the VIP with my zoom or Docter via Baader Push Fix and T2 connection. The VIP in its native shape used to give me an headache as it moved the focus in or out quite a bit in 1.25" mode. Now I only use it in 2" mode, after reversing one 15mm spacer and replacing the 1.25" nosepiece with the Baader T2-Tak adapter for holding the lens (see 1st photo). The nosepieces fitted with the Zoom and Docter add some light path, increasing the magnification a little bit. 

The ZAB works like a charm with the Nikon zoom (see 2nd photo). A combo that weights slightly more than a 24 Pan.. 




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The Zeiss Abbé Barlow is a cracking piece of kit, beautifully compact and very sharp even at higher multiples when used with extension tubes to push up to x4.

I also have an AP Barcon, which is 2” rather than 1.25” for the ZAB, but to me performs just as well. I use the AP mainly for white light solar with binoviewers and again use it up to x4 with amazing results but it is just as effective for lunar or planetary work.

The other alternative is the Baader VIP barlow. This is another excellent bit of kit, but I do think it is just a smidge behind the first two mentioned when used at the higher multiples.

As also mentioned the PowerMates are optically right up there. I particularly like the x2.5, compact and like it is not there at all, extra mag aside of course.

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Have I heard my name here ? :)

As a matter of fact, i do have one and it is the only I use. I did not keep the TMB one as it required too much infocus, and I didn’t keep my Powermate x2 as it was too heavy... but to be honest, I relied on Airylab tests on an Astrosurf magazine : it was in the top tier with a Clavé barlow, and very close to the regular TV ones. In other words, I do not have too much experience comparing it to other Barlow’s, but it sure is a nice optical element that does not degrade at all the views in the ocular.

clear skies


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I bought the Baader VIP to give my Leica zoom (8.9mm-17.8mm) a bit of welly. Very nice bit of kit, but cumbersome when you're trying to keep things short and light. I ended up getting a Leica 1.8x extender instead. But optically the VIP was excellent - certainly up to 2x, which was my highest magnification. 

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    • By Greg6498
      After receiving great advice from this group, I decided to purchase this TeleVue 2x Barlow! It's going on my Skywatcher Evostar Pro 80mm. I have an ES 6.7 eyepiece I want to use with it. Can’t wait to give it a go!

    • By hennyvenom
      Hello everyone, I've got a question.
      I want to upgrade the visual back on the Mak 127. The standard back on the Mak is not pleasant to work with as seen in the image. I need to get rid of this plastic thing. I purchased a mak to sct adapter when I bought the scope, I never got around to doing anything until now as I've just acquired a Baader 2.25x barlow as shown in the image.
      Now, I've had a go of attaching the the Baader Barlow into the original plastic thing on the mak, it works .... but I'm not happy with the connection being made with the two locking screws, as there is still movement when the barlow, t-ring and Canon DSLR are all in the train.
      I've been having a look on FLO for some work around, does anyone have some input as to whether this will work.
      Mak to sct adapter-> Baader 2 inch to 1.25 reducer adapter->Baader 2.25x barlow + T ring & DSLR
      Any input or a better way of securing everything is greatly appreciated!😊

      Another option I've come across is this , Baader ClickLock 2"-1.25" Adapter  and Baader T2 Extension Tube to bring it to 40mm when attached to the mak to sct adapter. Anyone have any experience with this? 
    • By Cosmic Geoff
      I had another go at imaging the shrinking Mars, this time without and with a x2 Barlow lens.  The results are better with the Barlow, which is what one is led to expect.   For whatever reason (probably bad seeing and/or low planets) when I tried a Barlow previously it just made the blur bigger.  Equipment: C8 SE, ASI120MC, x2 Skywatcher kit Barlow element screwed directly into 1.25" barrel of the ZWO camera.   This does seem to give x2 in practice.  I did not use an ADC on the grounds that I shouldn't need one with Mars at an altitude of over 40 degrees.
      3000 image video captured with Sharpcap. Processed in Registax6.  I found that the Sharpcap exposure histogram did not appear to work on such a small image, so had to estimate the exposure.   Yes, optical ADC correction would be better, but the dispersion seemed very small.  Blowing up the image x2 in Registax showed a small colour fringe, which I took out with a single point of correction.
      The images show some surface detail though the contrast is low (if you are using a flatscreen try viewing from below: ?)  Mare Sirenum, with Mare Acidalium just discernible foreshortened at upper right. 

    • By Ardrid
      Hi everyone,
      I was lucky enough to get a 12" Skywatcher Dobsonian (305mm/1500mm) for Christmas. It shipped with a 10mm Plossl and a 25mm Plossl, both 52° AFOV. Finally had a clear enough night to try it out and I absolutely loved it. I researched a bunch over the last year so I knew this was the scope I wanted should someone want to get me a really sweet gift before I grabbed it myself. What I didn't research at the time was accessories and equipment, something I've been doing relentlessly over the past few days.
      I'll primarily be viewing in the backyard until I find a great viewing spot (and a good way to safely transport). Light pollution isn't terrible but I haven't fully gauged its impact on seeing fainter objects. I'm not interested in imagery/photography at the moment. Not foreclosing on the idea by any means but everything I'm looking to add is purely for visual gratification at this point. Hoping the experts out there can lead me in the right direction. Here's what I'm trying to figure out:
      1. What eyepieces should I pick up?
      I've read that, generally speaking, you want 2-3 premium pieces in over to cover low, medium, and high magnification. I'm currently looking at the following "sets": 5mm Nagler, 13mm Ethos, 35mm Panoptic or 6mm Ethos, 13mm Ethos, 21mm Ethos. I'm not overly concerned about price. I recognize that there's going to be a premium associated with a brand like TeleVue and with squeezing out that last drop of performance; however, I don't want to throw away money unnecessarily if I'm not going to see a benefit from pulling out the stops. I'm not beholden to TV by any stretch but everyone says they're the gold standard so I figured I'd look there first. I'm not looking to grab everything at once either. Was thinking of starting with the 13mm Ethos since it would fill the mid-range gap between my 10mm and 25mm. 
      2. Should I grab a Paracorr?
      I've read many comments that go back and forth on this but the consensus seems to be that, while it's not crucial at f/4.9 like it would be with a faster scope, it's something I should probably have in the arsenal if I'm using wide field eyepieces, which the ones I'm contemplating are. I couldn't detect any coma with the two eyepieces I currently have but I suspect I probably wouldn't given the FOV and my beginner status. I also think that once I see it I'm not going to be able to unsee it. 
      3. Should I pick up a Barlow?
      This question assumes I'm not getting a Paracorr. I like the idea of essentially doubling the number of eyepieces I have but I'm not too sure of the ultimate utility/necessity of it.
      4. Any other crucial accessories I should have?
      I'm looking at a Cheshire collimator for when the time comes. Aside from that, is there anything else I should absolutely have?
      5. Finally, any suggestions on transporting?
      It goes without saying but this baby is heavy. I don't have a garage, and I'm hesitant to store it in the shed, so what I've been doing is removing the OTA from the base and transporting them separately to the backyard for setup. It's not bad but I can see it getting old after awhile, especially with numerous viewing sessions in a row. After all, I didn't get this scope so it could collect dust; I want to use it as often as the weather lets me. I do plan on replacing the feet with wheels so I can at least roll it, but I'm trying to figure out a good solution to getting it in and out of the house (down 3 small steps) to the backyard without damaging it or breaking my back. 
      I think that's all I have for now. I appreciate any help you all can provide. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can so I can have a great experience and eventually show my little guy all about the joys of astronomy. Thanks everyone!
    • By ukuleledaveey
      Hello you wonderful people,sorry i have not been on here much lately,busy life and terrible cold/flu, i am considering purchasing a Barlow lense, and i would very much appreciate your thoughts and input, as a total newbie, i dont know very much, i know i want to get a 1,25 x2 barlow, but is it ok to buy a generic or should i buy a brand name and spend a little more, does it matter what i buy.
      I have seen them ranging from £6.00 upwards i was thinking of getting the celestron for about £25.
      Anyway thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment, best regards Dave.
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