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Zeiss Abbe Barlow

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Expensive. Has anyone got/used a Zeiss Abbe Barlow?

Are there lower priced equivalents proved equally as good? 

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I should imagine disciplus55 will be the person who can give you some info on the Zeiss Abbe Barlows. As disciplus55 seems to love the Zeiss product's.

A modern equivalent that is just as good , but cheaper. I should imagine the closest you are going to get to that are the Televue Powermates.

I hope that helps ☺





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I own one. Lovely tool, and parfocal at 2x.The only low price barlow at the same level I can think of is the Baader VIP. Different construction though. I prefer the ZAB with my 1.25" eyepieces, whereas the VIP with my zoom or Docter via Baader Push Fix and T2 connection. The VIP in its native shape used to give me an headache as it moved the focus in or out quite a bit in 1.25" mode. Now I only use it in 2" mode, after reversing one 15mm spacer and replacing the 1.25" nosepiece with the Baader T2-Tak adapter for holding the lens (see 1st photo). The nosepieces fitted with the Zoom and Docter add some light path, increasing the magnification a little bit. 

The ZAB works like a charm with the Nikon zoom (see 2nd photo). A combo that weights slightly more than a 24 Pan.. 




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The Zeiss Abbé Barlow is a cracking piece of kit, beautifully compact and very sharp even at higher multiples when used with extension tubes to push up to x4.

I also have an AP Barcon, which is 2” rather than 1.25” for the ZAB, but to me performs just as well. I use the AP mainly for white light solar with binoviewers and again use it up to x4 with amazing results but it is just as effective for lunar or planetary work.

The other alternative is the Baader VIP barlow. This is another excellent bit of kit, but I do think it is just a smidge behind the first two mentioned when used at the higher multiples.

As also mentioned the PowerMates are optically right up there. I particularly like the x2.5, compact and like it is not there at all, extra mag aside of course.

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Have I heard my name here ? :)

As a matter of fact, i do have one and it is the only I use. I did not keep the TMB one as it required too much infocus, and I didn’t keep my Powermate x2 as it was too heavy... but to be honest, I relied on Airylab tests on an Astrosurf magazine : it was in the top tier with a Clavé barlow, and very close to the regular TV ones. In other words, I do not have too much experience comparing it to other Barlow’s, but it sure is a nice optical element that does not degrade at all the views in the ocular.

clear skies


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I bought the Baader VIP to give my Leica zoom (8.9mm-17.8mm) a bit of welly. Very nice bit of kit, but cumbersome when you're trying to keep things short and light. I ended up getting a Leica 1.8x extender instead. But optically the VIP was excellent - certainly up to 2x, which was my highest magnification. 

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    • By Corpze
      Hi, i have made a video where i show a coople of eyepieces that i use and like, and also show how a barlow works, compared to the "Powermate" from Televue. And how is the FOV affected when changing the magnification with different eyepieces?

      Feel free to comment and give me feedback - I hope you like the video!
    • By Zermelo
      I picked up a Celestron Omni last year quite cheaply and had originally been using that with stock eyepieces, which was fine.
      Since then I've bought a couple of BST Starguiders and a Hyperflex zoom, and I'm now wondering if I'd notice any difference with a better barlow (this is now being used on an F/5 150mm Newtonian). Otherwise, the pennies can be directed elsewhere.
      I'd not considered it before as the next rung up seemed to be around the £90-£100 mark, which seemed out of line with the rest of the spend. But I've seen some positive reviews of 3-element models in the region of £35-£40.
      In particular, I've read good things about the Revelation/GSO Astro 2.5x (though apparently closer to 2.2x) and the Baader Classic Q 2.25x.
      - does anyone have experience with both of these, and have a preference?
      - would I notice any significant difference with either, compared with the Omni?
      - I read somewhere that the Baader in particular required focussing the tube into the OTA to an extent that caused some image degradation. Obviously I'd want to avoid this if true, so is this a feature of the Baader, or of both, or of all (shorter?) barlows? (to be honest, I'd not thought to see whether this was happening with the Omni, I'll try to remember to check, if this weather ever breaks).
      Thanks in advance.
    • By LondonSi72
      Hi SGL,
      My lovely wife bought me a SW Explorer 130 with the basic RA drive for my 40th birthday 8 years ago, and I've enjoyed using it on and off ever since.  I've started getting more into it - it's a great beginner scope, but I'm - like lots of others on this forum - looking at upgrading.  One of the things I found tricky with the scope was getting the focus just right at high magnification (I'm sure that's kind of obvious!).  It does wobble quite a bit on the EQ2 mount when focusing.  I get pretty good - if small - views of Jupiter, Saturn, (the Moon, of course) and have had hints of seeing some DSOs.
      I bought a 8mm BST Starguider, and it's a great improvement on the standard 10mm that comes with the scope, but if I push the scope by adding the 2x Barlow and the 8mm it's a blur and the focus seems to keep missing the sweet spot.  I saw a post elsewhere on this forum by MakTheNight, (looks like they've left now - last post was 2 years ago) who added a Baader Helical Focuser that attached directly to the T-thread on the focusing apparatus on the SW. Link to that post is below. I got one and it is indeed a great improvement on fine tuning - the problem is I can't use it with the Barlow as the helical focuser is about an inch long and the focuser can't move far enough into the scope to focus with the Barlow and any of my eyepieces (the 8mm BST, or the 10 or 25mm standard eyepieces)
      Clearly MakTheNight managed to get their setup to work with some specific eyepieces (a Luminos 10mm and 32mm Plossl) and a specific Barlow, so I tried looking up how I could work out what combination of eyepieces and Barlow would work, rather than randomly buying kit and having to return it because it won't work with my scope, but I haven't found anything useful yet.  So I thought I'd take the plunge and ask here

      Can anyone help me figure out how I can calculate what combinations of eyepiece and Barlow would work with this setup?  I'm also looking at upgrading the OTA and mount to a 200P and EQ5 at some point, so ideally would have a combination that could work with that too - the focal length and mirror is quite different - 1000mm on the 200P parabolic vs 900mm spherical on the 130.
      Many thanks!
    • By StarGazingSiouxsie
      Tonight I was looking at Jupiter and got some nice views with a range of eyepeices. The best image detail wise and for clarity of image was a 15mm, which on my 8" Evolution gives me appx 135X 
      I tried using my Televue 2X Barlow which normally works fine. I can't remember exactly which eyepiece this happened with, maybe the 15mm or a 9mm, but when I used the barlow the planetary image would soon disappear out of the eyepiece. The mount seemed to otherwise be tracking OK although notice the planets seem to move out of the eyepiece view after a while. So did I have too much magnification with the Barlow? I think I did manage to get focus, the image just wouldn't stay put.
      Thanks for any insights or advice 
    • By Ryaen
      Hi, I am pretty much new in Astronomy. Recently I have bought Meade Polaris 127mm telescope. The Barlow(2x) which Meade has provided is pretty basic. It gives pretty blurry view.
      I have read few blogs and get to know that for 127mm, 2x-3x magnification is more than enough. Now I’m confused in its specs(element in it).
      Wondering which one I choose, 2.5x Barlow 3 element or 2x Barlow with 2 element to get clear and crisp viewing.
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