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Steve, I was browsing through your site Images, and you said you were sending off NGC3372 Ha Reworked Image you captured from GRAS, to Pixum to be printed on a 30"x20" poster.

I just wondered if you did, and if so, and you have received it, what it is like. I know it was a huge size on your site, but wondered what the poster size was like , and if it was on a Glossy paper or Matt. Also, was any colour data ever collected for that one.?

Sorry for the third degree. :)

Ron. :D

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The 20x30 poster of the greyscale NGC3372 Ha looks great from about 3 steps back, but it really doesnt have the DPI to cope with closer scrutiny. I did use the Ha to enhance the RGB of the same object, which looks great but the same problem with the larger poster size. The other issue is that finding room for a 20x30 poster to hang on a wall is a bit of a problem.

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That's a shame Steve, it looked very impressive large, but having to scroll up and down to see it all hasn't got the same all in one jolt a large expansive nebula can give you.

Thanks anyway.


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