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Is there such a thing as a reliable USB hub?

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@Dr_Ju_ju They seem to be eluding me. Perhaps it's the heat. 

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i am intersted in buying this hub from startech https://www.startech.com/uk/Cards-Adapters/USB-3.0/Hubs/7-port-usb-3-hub~ST7300U3M

i would like to know if anyone uses it at the field with a 12v battery and if possible if they know the input power range, i am thinking of boosting the input voltage to 13.5v as i have with my mount and camera and i don't have any issues. From an email i sent startech they quoted me the specs from the product that only says 12v input voltage

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Posted (edited)

I think it's 11-18v but I don't know where I got that information.   I have a StarTech USB2 hub which I ran off my standard 13.8v observatory supply.

Edited by Gina

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