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Is there such a thing as a reliable USB hub?

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iwols    191
On 15/04/2018 at 09:44, LightBucket said:

Have you considered the Startech USB over Ethernet System, they are superb and will never let you down, and will work up to 60m distance, one small powered hub on your mount with four USB ports and another unit connected to your PC, and a CAT 6 Ethernet cable between, they are becoming very popular in the Astro imaging world...

+1 for this

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solwisesteve    11

I've also had some issues with USB hubs and extenders.

Plan A was a USB hub connected to a separate USB/lan cable extender and then back to the PC.

I discovered that the PC could see a single USB device on the end of the extender but not a hub :-( So if you were going to go for extending USB over lan cable then go for the type where the extender is also a hub! However these aren't cheap and I didn't really want to spend that much. If I did then I'd probably think about a mini-pc instead with a wifi link.

Plan B was a USB hub but using an active USB extension dongle. This allowed be to extend an extra 7.5m (the longest USB extension cable I have). So the PC could then see the hub and also devices connected to it BUT as soon as I tried to do any serious data traffic, i.e. from the neximage, then it kept on disconnecting/reconnecting on the PC :-( I tried the same HUB but without the extension and the same issues. It looks like getting the cheapest USB hub I could find was a rubbish idea and a waste of a tenner. So at the moment I'm using two USB extensions to different USB ports on the PC. Having one long USB cable would help tidy the cabling and if I could cable-tie a small USB hub to the scope with effectively a single USB cable running back then that would be even better.

So, from the above advice ;-) I've now ordered a Startech brand 4 port USB3 hub. Hopefully this will work where the 'cheapest I could buy' hub failed. :-)

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