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i have an ancient watec 120n (more about that later) but recently i purchased a ZWO AI120MC. i use a Computar 5 mm f/1.4 lens, sky studio pro software( interfaces with ZWO windows driver, cool!), xvid codec, 4 second integration. no guiding (of course). pointing at a circumpolar point north by north east approximately 45 degrees declination. 

i have been influenced by security and dash cams capturing, inadvertently, fire balls. why not do it on purpose? i have been for a few years now. sure, i capture meteors but mostly i get jet aircraft, satellites and...

i upload videos to my youtube channel. everyone is invited to check them out.

i also have orion all in one and an astroscope image intensifier on  canon t1i and t3i. 

it is my opinion that there are more short dim meteors than long bright ones. there are more satellites than meteors and more jet aircraft than satellites. something else...you foe? cloudy nights? check out my star field time lapses.

youtube, what can i say? full screen in darkened room, make sure the gear has HD in red, click and select if not. find an intriguing clip? get a youtube down loader for best quality on your local drive. try adjusting play back speeds. 


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    • By Astrofriend
      When you have a lot of fun stuff you always think, is there another way I can use it ? I bought recently an used GoPro Hero5 Black camera. It's excelent to do time lapse movies with. But could it be used for astrophotography ? I have in mind doing time lapse of meteor showers. When I use my DSLR with a mechanical shutter I use 1/100 of its life time every night I use it for time lapse. With the GoPro camera there is no mechnical shutter, but will it be sensitive enough ? A very rough estimate is that it only have 1/10 of the sensitivity per pixel. But I'm curious, I want to test it.
      I collected some information here and test that I have done:
      At the end a link to last night Perseid meteor shower. And it really works, but only catch the strongest meteors, but the camera is small and I can have it in my pocket so very easy to bring out in the dark and setup.
    • By jdsteve64
      Probably a beginners question this one, but here goes....
      I was just wondering if it was possible to operate two or more cameras, controlled by UFOCapture, with the same PC?  If it was 2 cameras to operate, you would obviously have to have two independent video grabbers set up via two separate USB ports and recognised by the computer as such. Setting up two grabbers would likely mean you would need to have two different (and fixed) I/O configurations to input into Windows Device Manager that identifies them as totally independent so the PC doesn't get confused.  That's maybe more than a simple PnP task.  And you'd obviously need, I'm guessing, two instances of UFOCapture installed (with presumably two licenses?) that recognises the two different cameras.
      Has anybody actually tried doing this? Would it even work?  I'd be interested to know if anyone has experience of this....
    • By EwanJ
      Was just viewing moon through telescope at around 17:30-17:40 New Year's eve 2019.I looked around the night sky seeing what was out. Then above the moon(south).I spotted moving bright objects in the sky (satellites). I saw a couple move across the sky. Then I saw they were moving in a straight diagnol line. This happened for about 5 minutes straight I reckon I at least saw 35+ satellites. I then saw a bright torch beam so I am not sure where that came from. I typed it up and I heard SpaceX launched 60 satelittes. Have you ever experinced this? I live in Newcastle let me know if you have.
    • By Natalie Debrabandere
      Hi - I was out this morning at 06:15 a.m. and spotted what I thought was a satellite tracking across the sky in a SW quadrant. Then I realised it was actually a string of them - I counted 13, all in a line, with different spaces in between. When I looked to the left of this line, I saw three other satellites going in that direction. At a loss as to what I saw... Can you help?
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