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My Primaluce Losmandy D

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Bought to mount my Tak FC100DL using 2 clamshell rings. 

Three knobs are definitely better than 2! 

Primaluce red is mid-red, not pink. No photo shows the colour correctly because of its metallic anodised finish. Very pleasing. 

Losmandy D bar is 495mm long. Holes are good for a Skytee 2 mount. Clamp knobs are aluminium. Heavy & sturdy enough for my SW 120 Equinox, C8 & an 8 inch Newtonian OTAs. Tempted to buy Primaluce rings now, as they do 95mm for FC Tak fracs. 

Tak mounted photos to follow later. 

I bought direct from Primaluce through their Web site & saved a little bit paying in €uros. 







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8 minutes ago, Tim said:

The fit and finish of the Primalucelab gear is very nice. 

I haven't forgiven them for dropping the 120mm doublet APO though, it was a lovely scope.

What were you using with the 120? I hope going for max will be secure :icescream: enough. Hence the D bar & 3 knobs!

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Wowzer that's a big 'un (oooer Mrs!). 

Below pic might show the lovely red colour a little more like the actual colour.  The PrimaLuceLab stuff is nice (not without fault of course, as with everything) and looks wonderful.

Looks like if your solution doesn't work, not much will.

Rings are good also.


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Primaluce tube rings can fasten to dove bars with 2 M6 bolts, rather than the single most rings allow.

This is very tempting for extra security. Tak clamps have 2 larger holes on their base(!), does anyone know what screw thread size they are?

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