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Had a quick session in between the clouds. Nice prom group on W limb just above 3 o’clock. 4 other small proms around the disc but all quite faint. No major surface features.

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Very cloudy here too in CET land, with only brief thinning and no serious blue stuff yet. Secondhand, Gravely Blighted weather!! :hmh:

First white light trial with S-T binoviewers, 26mm Meade 4000s, no Barlow, on my Vixen 90 f/11 with Baader Solar Film, on driven FS MkIII.

Superb view and well worth the investment in the binoviewer and extra EPs despite lack of solar features.

No focusing range left for 45° or 90° diagonals so a bit of a neck breaker.

Watching clouds race cross behind the 3D sun is good fun. If you like that sort of thing.

H-alpha sun has one obvious, tall, vertical jet but nothing visible on the surface except the usual coarse graininess. [Still cyclops viewing.] :icon_cyclops_ani:

S-T 1.6x GPC-Barlow should be in the post today so I can start experimenting with that. Hoping for bino H-alpha before too long.

I'm blaming Peter for everything! :p

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    • By laudropb
      Sunny here today but the seeing is poor. 5 proms on disc, but all rather small and faint. Most interesting one is on the lower W limb. There may be part lifting off, but I can’t be sure given the poor seeing and the resultant low mags used. The remains of AR 2706 are just visible as it nears the limb. One other faint filament on the mid E of the disc.
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