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Another favourite happy hunting ground , it's a compact packed area. Big Moon , super seeing and time to get to the showpieces with the C6r,

Σ1639 at a widening 1.8" , more contrast here than expected (SAO 82293)

35 Comae B. , good multiple , wide at 29.1", split out the A star here, not easy .(SAO 82551)

ΟΣ 266, an easy 2.0" split here  HD 117190

2 CB. Plenty colour here at x92, very pretty view  HD 104827

Σ 1615 ,red and white  at 26.7"(SAO 62904), fine field here.

Σ 1633 , a pair of bright twins HD 107398

12 CB wide yellow and blue  at 36.7" (SAO 82273)

17 CB super wide at 144.9" (SAO 82330)

The showpiece 24 CB, orange and blue at 20.1" (SAO 100160)

Σ 1685, the right angle Triangle of this multiple star (SAO 100307)

Vivid colour at low power of the 32-33 CB group (SAO 100311)

β 800, a most delicate yellow and blue at x92, +6.5 and +9.5 HD 115404

Gorgeous sights , under clear skies !



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With Skysafari you can search using SAO , HD , Struve and STT and β ( Βurnhams) etc etc. I tend to make a list in advance and get that out of the way. Lists include difficult ones , colours , multiples etc. Both Interstellaruim and the Cambridge are great for hitting one constellation at a time. 

Its been really hit and miss with not only forecasts , but thin high clouds. Naturally achros can make the best to observe achievable targets , being "proper " scopes !


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I did not know you could search SAO on sky safari, oh I am going to be hammering them next time I go out. 

I have a list for Leo but I am going have to find a site to look at them as its getting more south now where I cannot see it from my backyard.

I will check with stellarium whats in the East and North write some more lists.


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