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Crystal Moon to Glob fest !

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Not a fan , but by accident I put a 6mm ep in the Barlow getting a close x400 view of the Alpine Valley . Scanned up and down to the straight wall, some beautiful clear and super stable views as I backed off to x120-x150. Hope that others found these views , high and very clear.

Not a night for galaxies , so revisited the binaries of Coma Berenices . Including the spectacular colourful showpiece 24 Comae Berenice's and 2 Com.Ber.

Small sleep , waking at 2.30 and out to the moon low in the west with Leo head down , tail up ! The line from Arcturus to Vega showed Hercules and the arc of Corona Borealis. Had a look at M13 and a dull T Cb ( blaze star). As Cygnus and Altair were up , had a look at M57 and a huge lovely M27, bright with an Oiii filter.

Jupiter was wobbly , but hovered over the stars of Libra. Found an old favourite , the solitary ancient "Methuselah "star , https://www.space.com/20112-oldest-known-star-universe.html

formed shortly after the Big Bang.IMG_5599.JPG.0875302fa0ed96adc8ad34628d8005a2.JPGMoving up to Ophiuchus I caught M10, M12 and M14. Then over to Serpens and a brilliant M5. The sparkling outer and field stars and resolving the core showed this as  a magnificent globular . Spent ages on this before a comparison with M13 and M92. Returning to Libra , I caught the colourful view of Σ 1899.

Just a sweet hour and a bit , very pleased to get M5 under 

Clear skies ! Nick.

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