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I think I saw Sirius B tonight

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Wasn't planning to go out tonight, but I found this https://www.aavso.org/aavso-alert-notice-626, so I took the scope out to see if I could find the star t1 Carinae (HD 92063) where the nova was supposed to be. Took me quite a while, I was going back and forth from the scope to a stellarium screenshot, thought I found it like 4 times but I was wrong. Finally found it, it was pretty hard because there are so many stars in that area, but the stars patterns around it matched my screenshot 100%. Don't know if I saw the nova (wasn't sure what to look for) but I was still so happy I could find the star, its the first time I try something like that. Can't wait to receive the rigel and raci finder I just bought, that will hopefully make finding things easier, also ordered a 32mm (I was using a 25mm).

After that I spent some time looking at the Eta Carinae nebula which looked very nice. It was a little cold outside and I wasn't dressed for the occasion so I decided to end it there and go back inside, but first I took a quick look at the Orion nebula, switched to a 10mm + 2x barlow to check the moon and then pointed the scope to Sirius. I looked at it for a few minutes and noticed something I haven't seen before, at one of the diffraction spikes, with almost not separation at all, there was a tiny blue dot, definitely a different color from the blue-white Sirius I usually see.

So I took all the gear inside and googled a little, and I think what I saw was Sirius B. It was a very short session but I enjoyed it a lot, will try to spot it again next time, but letting the scope cool down properly and using more magnification.

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