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Stellarium 0.18.0 has been released today!

The major changes of this version:
- Added support Hierarchical Progressive Surveys [HiPS] (Hello visualization of multiwavelength universe in the Stellarium)
- Updated and extended AstroCalc tool
- Added support a Hickson Compact Group collection
- Updated code and data

A huge thanks to the people who helped us a lot by reporting bugs!

Full list of changes:
- Added support Hierarchical Progressive Surveys [HiPS] (Hello visualization of multiwavelength universe in the Stellarium)
- Added patches for TeXLive
- Added Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) translations for InnoSetup
- Added Dnoces star name
- Added check relative paths for AppImage (or something similar) packages
- Added hook for creating an AppImage application
- Added optional building 3rd-party INDILib when Telescope Control plugin is disabled
- Added manual commands for NSEW movements in Telescope Control plugin [INDI-only]
- Added computation of solar eclipse magnitude and solar eclipse obscuration on Earth (special case)
- Added option to allow adding some sky background color (GH: #71)
- Added Moon age computation (GH: #73)
- Added "Western (O.Hlad)" sky culture
- Added support common names of pulsars
- Added some DSO images
- Added calculation of synodic period
- Added AstroCalc/Monthly Elevation tool
- Added optional Sun, Moon, Astronomical Twilight and Nautical Twilight lines for AstroCalc/AltVsTime tool
- Added Battlesteads Observatory into locations list
- Added a special case of computations (lunar eclipse) into AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
- Added two new signals to manage wide dates changes with various steps - by months and years
- Added new option to the AstroCalc/AltVsTime and AstroCalc/ME tools
- Added support a Hickson Compact Group collection
- Added tools for select color of planetary labels and trails
- Added option to suppress drawing large halo around bright stars. (GH: #105)
- Added Tesla Roadster orbital elements
- Added config options for font size of cardinal points
- Added visualization of civil twilight line in AstroCalc/AltVsTime tool
- Added 'Artificial objects' into Search/Lists tool
- Added feature to store and retrieve selected HiPS
- Added bottom bar GUI button for HiPS display
- Fixed spheric mirror effect inputs with retina display
- Fixed visualization issue for ephemeris markers due refraction (GH: #51)
- Fixed building Stellarium on *BSD systems (GH: #52)
- Fixed texture name
- Fixed behaviour of DateTimeDialog (LP: #1409935)
- Fixed behaviour of Compass Marks plugin
- Fixed issue for creating a multiple Screenshot directories (GH: #60)
- Fixed cmake for OSX
- Fixed data race condition by mutex in Telescope Control plugin
- Fixed few C99 warnings
- Fixed rules for MSVC linker
- Fixed Phoebe's absolute magnitude
- Fixed some DSO positions (data is obtained from NED database) (GH: #64)
- Fixed FSF address
- Fixed missed license info for the new code
- Fixed version of DSO catalog
- Fixed inconsistency of calculations in AstroCalc/AltVsTime tool
- Fixed crash due missing file MSVCR120.dll (GH: #101)
- Fixed backward orbiting of Uranus moons (GH: #107)
- Fixed search Hydra constellation (show IAU numbers for moons) (LP: #1752784)
- Fixed crash when opening Configuration window (beta (GH: #111)
- Fixed crash when landscape invalid
- Fixed translation action in HipsMgr
- Fixed name of action for TOAST DSS
- Fixed very jerky (unusable) trackpad navigation on OS X (LP: #1705832)
- Updated Russian and German translations for InnoSetup
- Updated list of cardinals names
- Updated target rules for OSX
- Updated AppStream info
- Updated default catalog of pulsars
- Updated Indian Vedic skyculture
- Updated list of nomenclature on the Titan
- Updated zlib to version 1.2.11
- Updated toggling of atmosphere, Milky Way and Zodiacal Light
- Updated Telescope Control plugin
- Updated AstroCalc/AltVsTime tool
- Updated focus rules for Search Tool
- Updated stellarium.appdata.xml file
- Updated behaviour of AstroCalc/ME and AstroCalc/PC tools
- Updated the behaviour of Satellites plugin: the plugin will be disabled when date is changed for a month or year to avoiding stupid computation
- Updated select priority rules for DSO
- Updated help info in the plugins
- Updated info in Help window
- Updated metainfo
- Updated textures for Solar system bodies
- Removed outdated data

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Alexander thank you so much for this new update. Stellarium continues to be my most recommended planetarium software. You are providing an excellent support for us astronomers.

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shortcut properties > target  and add the switch after the exe as if it were a commandline Well, well, never knew you could do that,  learn something new every day !

Looking good :thumbsup: thank you.

------------------------------------ >

Help, I have a problem !

Have just installed it on a spare computer but it wont run :(

"Insufficient OpenGL version. Please update drivers, graphics hardware,

or use --angle-mode (or --mesa-mode) option."

how do I use/try those if it is not running :icon_scratch:

It is Windows7 64bit dual core 4Gb ram


edit  --  looks like a command line switch ? but there is no batch file just stellarium.exe



Edited by SilverAstro

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Quick question - I've updated 2 PCs to 0.18, one Win10 64bit and one Win7 64 bit - How do I copy settings from one to the other so they're identical?

Is it simply copy the config file located at C:\Users\Jon\AppData\Roaming\Stellarium to the other PC in the same location (equivalent if different OS)?

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3 hours ago, Jonk said:

Quick question - I've updated 2 PCs to 0.18, one Win10 64bit and one Win7 64 bit - How do I copy settings from one to the other so they're identical?

Is it simply copy the config file located at C:\Users\Jon\AppData\Roaming\Stellarium to the other PC in the same location (equivalent if different OS)?

Yes for Windows Vista+

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Perfect, seems to work fine, thanks.

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    • By alexwolf
      Yesterday we published first release candidate to version 0.19.0. Please help us test it and report us about finded problems (in this topic or in our bug tracker).
      Full list of changes between version 0.18.3 and version 0.19.0RC1 (v0.18.3.16781):
      - Added new type of computation for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
      - Added GUI options to change constellations and asterisms font size (GH: #576)
      - Added new source to star names and added new additional name to kappa Scorpii
      - Added tool to detect Intel C/C++ compiler in our Logger
      - Added new method into ConstellationMgr class - getConstellationsEnglishNames() to get English names of all constellations in the selected sky culture [Scripting Engine]
      - Added new one script 'Constellations Tour' to organize the tour around constellations of the loaded sky culture [Scripting Engine]
      - Added constellation boundaries for Chinese Skyculture (GH: #584)
      - Added more values to correctly detect MSVC version
      - Added few scriptable methods into HighlightMgr class to manage highlight points
      - Added translation support for strings within scripts
      - Added Chinese medieval sky culture (GH: #604)
      - Added Alipurduar town (West Bengal; India) to the default locations list (GH: #606)
      - Added extra check-point for data directory in the StelFileMgr class
      - Added DSO textures
      - Added sensor crop overlay to Ocular plugin (GH: #612)
      - Added tool for allow filetype selection for Screenshots (GH: #623)
      - Added core.getPlatformName() and core.isMediaPlaybackSupported() methods into scripting engine
      - Added scripting function isModuleLoaded()
      - Added graph "Transit altitude vs Time" into AstroCalc/Graphs tool
      - Added small simplification to scripting through adding master switch by types for grids, lines and points on the sky [Scripting Engine]
      - Added showing labels for named highlights (GH: #638)
      - Added allow setting location of User Data Dir via environment variable.
      - Added scripting graphics tool [Scripting Engine] (GH: #640)
      - Added LMC and SMC as addition names for Magellanic Clouds
      - Added classifications support for sky cultures
      - Added support 2 southern deep sky catalogues (NGC subset; esp. for southern observers)
      - Added armintxe, paleolithic sky culture and landscape (GH: #628)
      - Added demo script for martian analemma [Scripting Engine]
      - Added support sols for setDate() method [Scripting Engine]
      - Added code, who indicate to hybrid graphics systems to prefer the discrete part by default (GH: #649)
      - Added support for constellation boundaries thickness (GH: #653)
      - Added Maya constellations (GH: #635)
      - Added normal maps for planets, moons and minor planets
      - Fixed Ependes Observatory location (GH: #581)
      - Fixed scaling the distance in AstroCalc
      - Fixed naming the stars in AstroCalc tool when non-western skyculture is enabled (GH: #577)
      - Fixed sorting of column Distance in Astronomical Calculations' Ephemeris tab (GH: #579)
      - Fixed wrong calculation the FOV of CCD in Oculars plugin
      - Fixed compile Stellarium without media features
      - Fixed behaviour of script (The old script 'Constellations Tour' was renamed to the 'Western Constellations Tour' and updated) [Scripting Engine]
      - Fixed documents for core.clear() method [Scripting Engine]
      - Fixed unit tests failure on Windows and some linuxes (GH: #586, #587, #588)
      - Fixed the user interface problems for lenses in Oculars plug-in (GH: #580)
      - Fixed copyright years in CREDITS.md file
      - Fixed checker in the StelFileMgr class (GH: #589)
      - Fixed macOS User Data Directory in documentation (GH: #593)
      - Fixed bug report address for .desktop translations
      - Fixed a typo in Scenery3D plugin (GH: #600)
      - Fixed selecting LMST, LTST and system_default timezone names
      - Fixed math error in StelHips (GH: #599)
      - Fixed a potential memory leak in libtess (GH: #598)
      - Fixed error for ephemeris calculations time window (GH: #605)
      - Fixed description data for textures.json
      - Fixed missed translatable strings in StelSkyCultureMgr class
      - Fixed CWE-404 issues
      - Fixed crash when script tried delete already deleted labels (GH: #625)
      - Fixed zooming behaviour
      - Fixed time zone issue in AstroCalc/WUT tool
      - Changed default constellations font size
      - Changed HiPS behaviour: don't show tile if it is hidden by children
      - Changed behaviour of version checker: introduced the additional check for latest version
      - Changed behaviour of the BottomStelBar::updateText() method (GH: #596)
      - Updated Reingold and Dershowitz algorithm of DeltaT (New algorithm was taken from the Calendrical Calculations: The Ultimate Edition book)
      - Updated cmake rules for ICC/ICPC support (Intel C/C++ compilers)
      - Updated GUI in Oculars plugin
      - Updated Stellarium User Guide
      - Updated technical documentation
      - Updated Amalthea texture
      - Updated scripts (added i18n support)
      - Updated scripting API: added format specification for screenshots. (GH: #623)
      - Updated the code (thanks for PVS-Studio to the finding an issues)
      - Updated DSO textures
      - Updated textures of LMC (GH: #632)
      - Updated nomenclature
      - Updated jquery and jquery-ui in Remote Control plugin (GH: #620, #621)
      - Updated scripting engine: MilkyWay saturation scriptable now
      - Updated scripting engine: expanding the core.clear() method
      - Updated Satellites plugin: harmonized function name, added a property [Scripting Engine].
      - Updated KoreanCM.isl file - typofixes (GH: #639)
      - Updated RemoteSync plugin: suppress unsuitable properties (GH: #642)
      - Updated AstroCalc/WUT tool: optimizations
      - Updated AstroCalc/Positions tool: optimizations
      - Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: optimizations
      - Updated contact info for plugins
      - Removed a long time abandoned incomplete LogBook plugin
      - Remove old deprecated methods in scripting engine
      - Remove languages without translators and with translations lesser than 1%
      Binary packages: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium-data/releases/tag/beta
      Let's try make Stellarium better by together.
    • By alexwolf
      Stellarium 0.18.3 has been released today!
      Full list of changes:
      - Added names of potential interesting asteroids according to Wikipedia
      - Added change saturation of Milky Way when eyepiece simulation is enabled
      - Added precisions to saturation shader (GH: #261)
      - Added Northern Andes skyculture (GH: #267)
      - Added Western (Sky & Telescope) skyculture (GH: #562)
      - Added tool for checking updates of planetarium
      - Added the support of kinetic scrolling for lists and long texts for all operating systems (disabled by default)
      - Added support angular size filter for AstroCalc/WUT tool (if applicable)
      - Added satellite color & description handling (GH: #350, #380)
      - Added new graph into AstroCalc/Graphs tool
      - Added airmass info to infostring and infomap (GH: #157)
      - Added workaround for a spherical mirror mode bug (GH: #252)
      - Added angular separation filter for double stars in AstroCalc/WUT tool
      - Added highlights support (see Bookmarks tool; GH: #272)
      - Added Chinese translation for landscape description (GH: #493)
      - Added tooltip for 'Prism/CCD distance (mm)' option
      - Added a SphericalCap to close off Spherical Landscapes
      - Added Chinese translation for skycultures (GH: #503)
      - Added tool for reaload the DSO background images (shortcut: Ctrl+I)
      - Added tool for reloading the current sky culture (shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+I)
      - Added pack of DSO textures
      - Added timezone loading for landscapes
      - Added Nereid texture
      - Added new method core.selectConstellationByName() to avoid possible wrong selection when few objects has same name (enforcement selection of constellation; GH: #490)
      - Added alphabetical sorting the list of surveys (GH: #506)
      - Added Chinese Contemporary Skyculture (GH: #508)
      - Added 2 new tweakable buttons for asterisms
      - Added 4 new tweakable buttons for GUI
      - Added Interstellar Object type and elements of 1I/Oumuamua
      - Added new nomenclature for Mercury
      - Added Chinese translation for skycultures (GH: #540)
      - Added display of the antisolar point (GH: #536)
      - Added a good default list of instruments into Oculars plugin (GH: #409)
      - Added kinetic scrolling to switch on the fly (GH: #519)
      - Added option to select font and size (GH: #424)
      - Added workaround for grouped onscreen Information of selected object issue (GH: #523)
      - Added a tour of the Solar System planets
      - Added phase angle info for the artificial satellites
      - Added new MIME type for Stellarium scripts (for UNIX/Linux systems)
      - Added wrapper for Stellarium's website
      - Added support XLSX files (GH: #555)
      - Added visual style for headers of columns in XLSX files
      - Added option to sort results in AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #521, #560)
      - Added visual style for headers of columns in XLSX files
      - Added support double clicks on the sky (selecting + centering objects)
      - Added scripting function to allow targetting Galactic coordinates
      - Fixed small issue with untranslatable items of drop-down list of HiPS surveys
      - Fixed saving telescope settings on Mac OS X (GH: #254)
      - Fixed the terms in columns in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
      - Fixed switching of locale for dates on graphs in AstroCalc tool when language is changed
      - Fixed bug when downloading extra stars catalogues (GH: #260)
      - Fixed saving value of option "Scale image circle" in Oculars plugin (GH: #264)
      - Fixed resetting results when clear button is pressed in Satellites plugin (GH: #265)
      - Fixed annoying warning in Search Tool
      - Fixed missing config option for rise, set and transit times in GUI
      - Fixed possible crash in AstroCalc/PC tool
      - Fixed adding unnamed stars into bookmarks
      - Fixed fragment shader for planets
      - Fixed uninitialized vars in HelpDialog (Coverity issue)
      - Fixed documentation for for StelObject::getInfoMap()
      - Fixed spheric mirror support on retina displays (GH: #390)
      - Fixed link to the Stellarium User Guide
      - Fixed link to Hawaiian Star Compass Landscape in Hawaiian Starlines (GH: #384)
      - Fixed the performance for AstroCalc tool (GH: #379)
      - Fixed lunar eclipse visualization (GH: #274) 
      - Fixed bookmarking for the unnamed stars
      - Fixed Chinese sky culture (GH: #489)
      - Fixed a bug for Chinese skyulture. (GH: #504)
      - Fixed storing the view direction/FoV separately from other settings (GH: #309)
      - Fixed typo in stellarium.desktop (GH: #507)
      - Fixed typo in property setting (Cardinal direction color)
      - Fixed storing of mount mode (conflict in Oculars plugin; GH: #505)
      - Fixed the orientation of M58 texture (GH: #514)
      - Fixed PNG warnings
      - Fixed bad airmass infostring (GH: #525).
      - Fixed button state
      - Fixed the text overlap issue in Observability plugin (GH: #517)
      - Fixed the placement issue of the cross in Pointer Coordinates (GH: #516)
      - Fixed border handling for a DeltaT formula
      - Fixed build with --as-needed (GH: #545)
      - Fixed updating Satellites at startup (GH: #542)
      - Fixed separation value for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool for oppositions
      - Fixed opening XLSX files in the modern Microsoft Office
      - Fixed black screen shot in night mode (GH: #534)
      - Fixed TeX style for scripts (GH: #570)
      - Updated GUI of AstroCalc tool (AstroCalc/AltVsTime, AstroCalc/ME and AstroCalc/Graphs tools has been merged into AstroCalc/Graphs)
      - Updated GUI of AstroCalc tool (visual style has been updated)
      - Updated GUI behaviour: let's hide angular limits for AstroCalc/WUT when the limits are not applicable
      - Updated GUI behaviour: split GUI font size from screen font size
      - Updated GUI behaviour: move color buttons to the left of labels
      - Updated visual style of diagram in Exoplanets plugin
      - Updated code of Satellites plugin
      - Updated names of DSO
      - Updated textures of DSO
      - Updated textures of moons
      - Updated nomenclature
      - Updated documents
      - Updated Oculars plugin: immediate update of display when changing instrument details in GUI.
      - Updated Oculars plugin: separate font scaling for the Oculars GUI panel.
      - Updated Oculars plugin: storing of current instrument (telescope/ocular/CCD/lens) indices
      - Updated RemoteControl plugin: change return types in JSON object info from string-only to native.
      - Updated getInfoString code: separate getMagnitudeInfoString to avoid code repetition.
      - Updated tooltips and labels for AstroCalc/WUT tool
      - Updated default select priority for custom objects and markers (GH: #501)
      - Updated behaviour: the select priority of custom objects and markers now configurable and scriptable
      - Updated behaviour: improved timezone handling, allows scriptable setting (GH: #497)
      - Updated default catalog of exoplanets
      - Updated default catalog of pulsars
      - Updated ArchaeoLines plugin (code refactoring)
      - Updated color setting (code refactoring)
      - Updated behaviour of lists in the AstroCalc/Graphs/Graphs tool (GH: #520)
      - Updated tool for create the exoplanets catalog
      - Updated script 'Constellations tour' and added small patch to avoid possible crash, when sky culture is changed (GH: #572)
      - Obsolete code in core has been removed
      - Removed outdated link (GH: #526)
      - Removed doubled parenting code in GUI classes
      Download new desktop edition you may here: https://stellarium.org
    • By alexwolf
      Stellarium 0.18.2 has been released today!
      Full list of changes:
      - Added GUI improvements for AstroCalc tool
      - Added elongation support for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
      - Added support decimal degrees format for AstroCalc tool
      - Added handle keypressing for list of matching objects in AstroCalc/WUT tool
      - Added filters for enlisted objects in Search Tool/Lists tool
      - Added filters for list of matching objects in AstroCalc/WUT tool
      - Added new textures for moons 
      - Added column with angular distance from the Moon into AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
      - Added special case for partial solar eclipses in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
      - Added centering text for headers in AstroCalc/Phenomena, AstroCalc/Ephemeris and AstroCalc/Positions tools
      - Added "clear" button for search of artificial satellites in the selected group (Satellites plugin)
      - Added additional context for term 'Transit' (GH: #215)
      - Added artwork for some Maori constellations
      - Added support Abell Catalog of Planetary Nebulae (Abell, 1966)
      - Added distances for some planetary nebulae (DSO)
      - Added possibility to select all constellations through scripts and hotkeys
      - Added new language (Urdu)
      - Added additional level of checks for JSON documents
      - Added Lokono sky culture
      - Added support to add/subtract calendric month through hotkeys (GH: #232)
      - Added support 'ESO/Uppsala Survey of the ESO(B) Atlas'
      - Added processing the 30x HTTP codes for Quasars, Pulsars, Historical Supernovae, Bright Novae, Meteor Showers and Exoplanets plugins (GH: #236, #231, #229, #227, #226, #225, #224, #223)
      - Added visual magnitudes and sizes for Abell planetary nebulae
      - Added support Milkyway saturation effect (GH: #175, #242)
      - Added Henriksson solution (2017) for Schoch formula for DeltaT (1931)
      - Added actions (without default hotkeys) to toggle Moon and Minor body scaling
      - Added script "Jupiter and triple shadow phenomena"
      - Added script "Jupiter without Galilean satellites"
      - Added script "Occultations of bright stars by planets"
      - Added script "Mutual occultations of planets"
      - Fixed sorting rules for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
      - Fixed Moon HiPS rendering during eclipse
      - Fixed URL of API for "Location from network" feature (GH: #218)
      - Fixed some errors in DSO catalog
      - Fixed crash in the combination: constellation is selected and sky culture has been changed
      - Fixed Earth shadow on scaled Moon during eclipse
      - Fixed auto-enabling landscapes when setObserverLocation is call (LP: #1783752)
      - Fixed position of Jupiter moons: updated theory to L1.2 (GH: #222)
      - Fixed cross-index data issue (DSO)
      - Fixed the term for altitude above sea level (GH: #247)
      - Fixed desync bug with IAU Constellation and constellation borders (GH: #246)
      - Fixed reserved identifier violation issue (GH: #243)
      - Fixed trouble with selection priority of nomenclature items for celestial bodies in deep shadow (GH: #239)
      - Fixed parsing error in constellation IAU borders lookup (GH: #241)
      - Fixed compiler warnings when GPS support is disabled (GH: #240)
      - Fixed potential crash for Meteor showers plugin
      - Fixed crash (segmentation fault) for sporadic meteors with max ZHR
      - [SUG] Fixed bibtex link
      - [SUG] Fixed links for HCG data (GH: #212)
      - Updated scripts
      - Updated behaviour of deselectConstellations() method (LP: #1780951)
      - Updated Epimetheus texture
      - Updated behaviour of "clear" button for Search and AstroCalc/WUT tools
      - Updated list of locations
      - Updated list of DSO names
      - Updated behaviour of Oculars button on bottom toolbar: hidden by default
      - Updated default bookmarks of Solar System Editor plugin (GH: #180)
      - Updated script 'Partial Lunar Eclipse'
      - Updated default host for GeoIP service
      - Updated the appdata file (GH: #234)
      - Updated behaviour of Location dialog: allowed to use resort GPS location at next startup and disable IP query when GPS is used
      - Removed support of terrible Qt plural forms
      Download new desktop edition you may here: https://stellarium.org
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