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NGC 4565 - The Needle Galaxy

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One big and spectacular view this one; it really shines out under a dark sky. I just needed to sketch this one. 

The bright core stands out, not evenly shaped, it is a liitle bit tapered on one side. 

On the upper part, a dark lane is clearly visible in the center, especially at the core. 



NGC 4565.jpg

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104x with a ten-inch scope means 2.5mm exit pupil, that is the right balance between surface brightness and magnification, right?

By the way, 6.2 limiting magnitude for a country as heavily light polluted as Belgium is, you have a very good observing spot.

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I chose this eyepiece to best fit the object and its surroundings, in this scope I usually turn to the 16mm, as that one gives me - for my feeling - the best balance between magnification and brightness. The 24mm gives stunning views, but I love a bit more magnification at deep-sky. 

Grandpré is in France; Between Reims and Verdun. It is by far the best place in the wide area - and only a 3 hour drive away from my streetlight-infested homestead.


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Your sketch is amazing. I’ve enjoyed comparing it to my NV phone photo of a week or so ago. Nice similarities (but your sketch  is better ?) - star placement is very accurate.


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