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Second attempt at Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)

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Beautiful clear night in Denmark on Sunday night, so got out there in the cold for a few hours:


(Skywatcher 200p, EQ5 goto mount unguided, Canon 450D, [42 x 120s subs @ iso 800, 16 x darks, 16 x flats, 16 x flat darks], DeepSkyStacker + Gimp for levels adjustment)

Polar alignment was a bit off, so some trailing. But I feel it's much better than my first attempt below (didn't do flats, so horrible vignetting, and focus was off, though alignment was better):


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Like it, as you say much better than the firs one. I struggle to keep round stars at 120s unguided with my heq5 pro and find I have to discard quite a few subs once past about 90s.

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1 hour ago, DougM43 said:

Like it, as you say much better than the firs one. I struggle to keep round stars at 120s unguided with my heq5 pro and find I have to discard quite a few subs once past about 90s.

Yes, I know what you mean. I don't autoguide, or do any kind of precise polar alignment technique, so it's around a 50/50 chance of round stars for me at 120s. Most of the time it's just about good enough to do something nice with though. :)

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15 minutes ago, Victor Boesen said:

Much better than the first attempt! It was nice to have some clear weather again here in Denmark:-)

Haha, yes, it's been a long grey wait for clear skies... :) 

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