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Wanted: Vixen SX2

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Wanted: Vixen SX2 - contact via PM please!

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    • By Julessilver
      Hi SGL forum.
      I currently have a HEQ5 Pro mount which I am just about to attach an Astroberry to for normal astro pics etc. 
      However I am really interested in sticking a normal camera and wideish lens to do some wide field panoramic milky way shots and stitch them together. 
      So mt question is have any of you ever seen anything that will drive the mount to do a patchwork of shots automatically?

    • By Rogr18
      Sorry if this has already been asked ( I think it would have been, there are posts similar but can't see the the answer I'm looking for) 
      I have a celestron C8-N scope that came with a Cg5 mount,  it's at least 10 years old and although it had a lot of use to start with it's been gathering dust the last few years. 
      So I would like to fit a motorised goto mount to it and was considering a synscan  pro3 for an Eq5 mount. 
      Can someone tell me are these 2 mounts the same and if so will the synscan be OK for my Cg5 mount. 
      If not are there any others I should look at? 
    • By matthasboldlygone
      Hi all,
      Got bored during lockdown and purchased a telescope. It's a Bresser Refractor Telescope AR-102/600 EQ-3 with mount and tripod from Amazon for about £280. I've been enjoying it and added a Bresser Full HD Deep-Sky Camera to it so I could share some images. Not really sure what I wanted to look at and feel I may have bought the wrong things, but hey I'm having fun.
      I've been looking to get the mount motorised (RA) and spent much time looking at all the options.
      As a beginner I'm now thinking why not just jump in and get a computerised mount with all the features built in by experts.
      I found the Explore Scientific EXOS-2 PMC-Eight GOTO Mount on BresserUK for about £600, twice what I paid for my entire setup so far. But thinking the mount is very important, no matter how good the scope is a bad mount is going to make things hard. Working from the ground up so to speak.
      I'd like to get into stacking some images of the planets, moon, maybe some general stary shots and even something nebula like.
      Would you say this is a good purchase considering the scope and camera I have? A good starting point for building a better setup over time?
      And if I changed my mind later on, it would have a good resale value?
      Cheers 👍

    • By Cliffy Biro
      Hello, I have been lurking in the background for the last few months, reading the great posts from many very knowledgable members, I’m now after some personal equipment advice and thought it was time I asked the pros!
      I’ve been interested in the stargazing for a long time and have been enjoying casual scanning with tripod mounted binoculars for the past year. Up until now, due to work commitments, I’ve been unable to dedicate much time to my interest. However, I recently changed jobs and now have a lot more free time and the opportunity to really get started.
      I’m in Yorkshire, fairly rural and not too much light pollution. I’ll be setup primarily from the garden but I’m only five minutes drive from remote moorland for any local out-of-home viewing. My aim initially is visual viewing and studying with a good quality scope. I worked as a photographer a long time ago so further down the line I’d like to try AP and add a second scope specifically for imaging. I’m thinking long term overall but would like to jump in with a solid core setup I can add to over time. My budget can be up to £2,500.
      After much research I’m considering the Sky Watcher AZ-EQ5 or AZ-EQ6 mount - both these seem highly regarded and adaptable to future needs, I believe the EQ6 may be better considering future imaging use? For the OTA I’ve been looking at the Celestron 9.25? It seems to deliver well for planets and lunar but I would welcome personal recommendations of other ideal scopes within budget. I’ve also briefly looked into accessories such as the Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece and William Optics / Baader diagonals but one area I need to know more about is eyepieces.
      Thanks for your time, I’d really welcome advice from you all on what I should consider for my aims and budget.
      Cheers 🙂
    • By Pledies
      I was wondering if any of you guys know a place to buy a HEQ5 mount for a cheap price about £600. 
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