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Help needed ZWO 120MC-S & Nexstar 4SE

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I have inherited a ZWO ASI 120MC-S and wish to use it with my Nextstar 4SE to take short planatery/moon exposures. However it seems that i need a nose piece of some sort fro it to fit to the rear photo adaptor of the 4SE. As i want to visually acquire the target, before taking the photo.

Can anyone please advise on the adaptor i would need to purchase.

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1 hour ago, MARS1960 said:

I think you need one of these but you also need a T ring, but don't just take my word for it :happy11:.

The ZWO cameras already have a female t-thread on their bodies so should screw straight on to that adaptor.

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I think that will enable you to attach the camera, but not plug it into the diagonal, thus allowing you to acquire the target visually first.


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This 1.25 / T2 nosepiece is also standard item with ASI120 package, but I am not sure if author inherited it as well. 

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Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.

Been away from astronomy for nearly six months, due to new job.

Update on the above issue.

Managed to find a good system to allow use of the ZWO. It came with the t-adaptor and I purchased the adaptor for the rear of the 4SE.

This is what we then did.

Ran the scope via mains power and connected via long USB to Stellarium in my living room. Then used the Rear aperture on the 4SE to mount the ZWO. Then ran this back to the computer  using another long USB to the house and redirected the images to the 55inch TV in the room. Thus enabling my housebound wife the ability to control the scope from the living room and view on the big telly. All I had to do then was perform the 3 star alignment outside using the side aperture on the 4SE and finderscope. Then once all done it was all over to "her indoors". This also meant that apart from the first 10 minutes of the set-up. I was able to observe and stay warm as well, Bonus. 

We also had to use ASICAP, for the video feed.

VAA Astronomy on a budget. No long exposures yet. Going to buy a decent EQ mount and ED80 for that.





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