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Pelican nebula redone

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Hi with the skies so bad at the moment I decided to reprocess this one. As I recently had a fair bit of help from Barry Wilson (thanks again Barry) with another one of my narrowband images I applied this workflow to this one and I think it is a huge improvement from the original. New processed one top the poor original bottom




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22 minutes ago, souls33k3r said:

wow, very nicely done.

Mind if i ask how many subs per filter were taken on this and also if possible share the processing workflow? :)

Hi yes it was 13x600secs per filter Ha, O111 And S11. 

The work flow was the same as I used in this post 


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Yes, everything is better in the new version, including colour, contrast and stars. It really make the Herbig-Haro 555 object stand out.

If you have a lot of old data to process with the new workflow you may not need clear skies for a while.

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