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A lunar mnemonic

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Nyctimene    561

I have always struggled to keep the localisation of the various lunar Maria (plural form of Mare) in my mind, not to mention their correct order. So I've cobbled together for my own use some kind of mnemotechnical sentence/advice, which may be helpful for others too. It starts at the eastern half of the moon and gives a (loosely) coherent order of the maria:

"When the waves (M. Undarum) and spumes (M. Spumans) of a life's crisis (M. Crisium) have brought you right to your margins (M. Marginis), follow Admiral Smyth's (M. Smythii) fecund (M. Fecunditatis) advice:

Take a sip of nectar (M. Nectaris) - beer, Single Malt, Valpolicella Ripasso (the last one's for you, Rune!), and you soon will feel how tranquillity (M. Tranquillitatis) and serenity (M. Serenitatis) arise in your mind. So you can withstand upcoming mist (M. Vaporum), rain (M. Imbrium) and cold (M. Frigoris)".

Feel free to continue with the remaining lunar maria!




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paulastro    3,202

Too clever by half for me too I'm afraid :smile: - it is tempting me to make up one of my own though :unsure:.

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johnfosteruk    6,846

The mnemonic is harder to remember than the Maria themselves! :)

Like Paul I may make up my own though, thanks for the tip.

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