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What later became known as the Whirlpool Galaxy was discovered on October 13, 1773 by Charles Messier it estimated to be 35 million light years away.. There are two Galaxys here and it is thought that the smaller one is being devoured by the larger Galaxy. Not sure this is the final version or not.

Total of 2.8 hours exposure

25 x 300 sec Lum
15 x 60 sec R Bin 2x2
15 x 60 sec G Bin 2x2
15 x 60 sec B Bin 2x2

RC 250 TT
CGE Pro corrected with a TDM
Feather Touch focuser with Feather touch Micro focus motor
SX Lodestar
Atik 460ex Mono
Atik FW2 9 filters 1,25"
Baadar 1,25" LRGB filters

CGE Pro PE corrected to +/- 0,5 arc sec at 5 Hz correction speed which is five corrections per second

Guiding to 0,1 to 0,0 in both X and Y pixel corrected at 8 Hz Pixel resolution is 3,32 arc sec

Multiply the pixel size of your camera in microns by the focal length of your camera in millimeters. Divide this number by 206.265 to calculate the arc seconds per pixel resolution of your camera

So the lodestar at 2000mm fl is 0.83 arc sec pixel resolution
Then 4x4 to get 3,32 arc sec pixel resolution

Divided 3,32 by 0.1 pixel wander to get a star wander error of 33,2 arc sec pixel. My main imaging train resolution is 0.47 arc sec

Guiding at 8 Hz update speed I could go all the way to 25Hz but then I would be chasing seeing.

So the reason to bin 4x4 is for download speed, sensitivity and there is no point in high resolution guiding because of local seeing limitations.

I am sure the local seeing limitation at 14 m above sea level is far more than 3.32 arc sec pixel and then we factor in scope diameter which is beyond me to give a figure sorry!!!

M51 jpeg.jpg

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Cracking detail in the M51. But the best bit is the little edge on galaxy you have to the lower right of M51. Wonderful!

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Actually just how many galaxies are there in that image?  Wow.

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