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Hi from Dundee, Scotland


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Hi all,

I recently decided to get a telescope for me and my little family, probably the dobsonian skywatcher skyliner 200p

I am completely new to astronomy but looks like this forum is a good place to learn and decided to join in for questions





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Hello from Edinburgh. 

From what I've read, that's a cracking first scope that should last a long time and show you some amazing things. 

This forum is a brilliant place to learn and ask questions. The lovely people here have helped me a lot since I joined.

Enjoy getting into the hobby and good luck! 

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Hi, Ronan, and welcome to SGL.

Yes, we love questions on this forum and there is a wealth of experience to guide you through your journey. Just post your questions on the appropriate board.

The 200mm is a great scope, small enough to be mobile, but big enough to give some lovely views. Enjoy.

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Hi and welcome Ronan from a fellow Dundonian.  You may notice that I am Web Manager of the Dundee Astronomical Society, so please have a look on the website. You may find some astro events you might be interested in during the summer.

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Welcome Ronan from land down under

My family immigrated from Isle Of Argyle in 1810, still wear Malcolm tartan occasionally

Back to business

Have a Skywatcher 10" dob

Get hours of enjoyment out of it

Club belong to, we go into schools to do presentations, as well as space badge for scout/guide movement



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