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COMPLETED - skywatcher 127 mak

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Hello there! If someone has a 127 mak, in great condition (and reasonable price), that doesn't use/want anymore, (and he's/she's willing to post to Europe, at buyer's cost) can surely drop me a message!


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Found and bought from SGL member!

Thanks a lot everyone who responded to this .
I guess I will make it for Mars opposition, just in time :) 


admins, please close this thread

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It was a pleasure dealing with you Stelios. 

Absolute gent to deal with.  :)


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    • By Planetarian
      Hi, I've got a Skywatcher Heritage 130p reflector, and if i insert anything less than 10mm eyepiece, the image won't get crisp. I guess it's normal, but as I'm very new to astronomy, I'd like to know what the sharpness depends on exactly. 
      Is that the focal length (how fast the telescope is? ) or the size of the mirror and how much light it gathers? Or both affect it the same way?  
      Are things the same with refractors in this regard? Thanks. 
    • By ThadeusB
      I have for sale my Skywatcher Startravel 120. Objective lens 120mm; Focal length . It is in excellent condition, clean and only very minor marks. Clean optics, no fungus. The focusser is the original one and works smoothly; 1.25" and 2" adaptors. With both caps.
      A very good starter scope, or good as a portable scope.
      Included accessories: red dot finder; 90 degree star diagonal; 10mm & 25mm EPs; mobile phone adaptor. All in as new condition.
      Please don't ask me to split this package.
      Price £140.00 no offers.
      It will be very well packed.
      Payment: paypal or bank transfer
      I can deliver by Hermes; I can get a quotation for this if you wish. Or you can make your own courier arrangement, or collect in person.
      Please PM me if you would like more information.

    • By Quentent
      So just today i got my new EQ3 mount and tripod delivered.
      Brought it out, balanced it leveled it etc etc.
      So i polar aligned it,  and selected 2 Star Alignment.
      1st star to align to: Betelgeuse.
      As soon as i hit confirm align the motors kick in but as soon as the mount starts to rotate the motors stop and the hand controller resets itself immediatly and starts initializing all over again.
      I discovered that moving Ra on its own works just fine as does moving Dec on its own but whenever i press for example the left and Up arrows at the same time the mount stops and the hand controller resets.
      Could this just be a problem with power draw? The Synpro box takes 12V DC and is supplied by a 12V DC car outlet type power source. However i changed this to a 3 Pin UK 12V 1A DC & AC plug.
      Im hoping the power supply is the issue and not something else.
    • By Soulitude
      Hi everyone I am new here, I live in Perth Western Australia (bottle class 5) and have just brought my new set up. There hasn’t been anyone in the area I can talk to about astrophotography so tried to do it all myself online and I fear I may have incorrectly purchased some things. (I tried to get things one at a time for budget purposes)
      I have this set up
      heq5, evostar ed80, .85reducer & corrector, evoguide 50ed, zwo 120mm mini for guiding and just my canon 200d mkii for the imaging. 
      The telescope, I think I may have brought something that’s not great for imaging and that’s all I’ve wanted to do. 
      can you please provide a better telescope alternative that would be suitable for all my other gear without having to buy like a new mount etc. I’m thinking just a slightly better scope not too heavy, opinions would be much appreciated 💖💖💖 xx
    • By Tonny
      Hello guys  I am an absolute amateur buying his first telescope... and I am desperate, please help.
      My budget is around 1300 euro (1600$). I am interested mostly in DSO... astrophotography, but observing as well. 

      So refractors are better for astrophotography, crisp clear views, plus they are low maintenance... but refractors with big aperture are too expensive, apo refractors even more... and I think that I want big aperture, because I am interested in observing as well, not only astrophotography. Sooo more light, more details, more magnification. Please correct me, if I am mistaken.
      Also, I know the mount is really important for photography, but these scopes comes with mounts that maybe are not the best, but are they good enough? 

      I am considering these three options now:
      1. https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/skywatcher-telescope-n-200-1000-explorer-bd-neq-5-pro-synscan-goto/p,20291#tab_bar_1_select 
      2. https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/bresser-telescope-ac-152-760-ar-152s-messier-hexafoc-exos-2-goto/p,14209#tab_bar_2_select 
      3. https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/bresser-telescope-ac-127l-1200-messier-hexafoc-exos-2-goto/p,14206

      Bresser 127 have smaller aperture, but very good reviews... on the other hand Skywatcher have nice reviews as well and bigger aperture.
      Bresser 152 sounds really nice, but is a bit expensive, and as long as I have to buy an eyepiece, nebula filter, adapter for my DSLR, maybe this CA correcting filter... it will goes above my budget and I don't know if it deserve it, and again - Skywatcher wouldn't be better?
      The only thing that censers me about the Skywatcher is that collimation thing every time and that it could be too complicated for a newbie (that is what I read about big reflectors)... usually this kind of things wouldn't scare me, I mean how complicated it can be... If it is the better telescope than it deserve a little more maintenance?

      Since I am not going to be a professional, I want to observe and take photos just for fun - I know I have to compromise with something for this price... I am just very confused after all I read.... And as I said, I am a newbie never took a look trough a telescope, so I trust Internet and I am ready to buy the first telescope someone advise me  
      I don't thing I could afford buying telescope again any time soon, that is why I want something good, that I wouldn't need to change and be happy with it for maaany years.
      Please correct me, if I am wrong with all these and if there is a better telescope for me?

      Thanks in advance!  
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