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Cold Toes


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Hey all,

Anyone else out tonight? it's -7 and a wind chill of - 10 :shock: hence why iam inside for a warm up :laugh:.

Saturn is the best i have seen it ever got some good looking AVIS of that for later :laugh:, laptop battery just died so i am moving onto the Canon now.

James :laugh:

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Just come in from a good night in regards to clear sky had a lot of niggles with things though so not managed any picture taking I tried but its just been hopeless so I just enjoyed what I saw through the ep Saturn like James said looked stunning but I could just not get the camera to co-operate with the laptop tonight plus for some unknown reason to me the tracking was way off too so give it up in the end as a bad job but I am gonna really try tomorrow night Don't know what I did wrong today for the omens all to be against me but thats life as we know it I suppose not too downhearted If I had good times all the time it would get very boring

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Brief setup at half seven, me and the boy webcammed Saturn so he can show his teacher what we did. Cassini was there OK visually, don't know if the AVI will process OK.

Went out about half eight, not a cloud anywhere, but COLD!

Found a lump of stars that might be this month's homework - three inches down from Saturn and an inch left. Looked very like the Beehive cluster but wasn't, so I zapped it with the DSLR for later reference

Tried a horsey with the DSLR and filter - still in the camera so its wait and see again.

Checked out the cigar and Boyd's - some so and so nicked them. They're not there anymore.

Seriously though, I had crashed the 'scope against the tripod in the dark (well DOHHH!) and lost the alignment (gggrrriiiinnddd). I decided to take it to bits and check it in the daylight, so no more autopilot for a while. Manally pointing and waving the 'scope about didn't help, I didn't find them.

Pointed at Saturn - not nearly as clear as yesterday (was it only yesterday?) when I had the Frac. out. 10mm Super Plossl was the best view, the 20mm was too weak on Mag. and the (newly aquired) Antares 6mm Plossl was lacking detail. Barlowising it for a real close-up messed it up even more. I saw a sweep of four moons / stars (look it up later) from the right side of Saturn starting in line with the rings, then sweeping up away from it. Looked magnificent, though not as good as the Frac. had been.

Did some AVIs (new webcam) for later perusal, then decided to try a bcak to back. Swapped the Newt. for the Frac. and did some more avis with the same settings as a comparison (what can't speak can't lie) so we will see what they come out like.

Back in the warm by 11:00 as I'm too old for the cold. It's as cold as a penguin's [removed word] tonight so that's enough of that for now. Oh and the laptop filled up - hopefully some useful stuff is going from it to the office right now.

New to-do list is:-

Check out the mount, see what I fragged.

Check the AVIs and camera to see if I bagged anything.

Finish this beer and GO TO BED (instruction from my gorgeous chick).

Write up the homework.

Check if a faster WiFi card is possible ( its been uploading for 90 minutes now) and cheap enough.

Find out why fum things are often physically uncomfortable.

Enjoy the black stuff (sky, not Guinness) while you can!

Captain Chaos

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Found a lump of stars that might be this month's homework - three inches down from Saturn and an inch left.

Captain Chaos

I hope it is, thats the one I've made my notes about.... :?

And Saturns moons did look well tonight, I counted 5 in a shape similar to Ursa Major,

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Gaz, i would go out matey if seeing is anything like round here it's well worth it mate!

Good advice mate, the skies came good about 1am!! :laugh: The clouds came back about 3ish but by that time I was ready to go anyway....average night all-in-all really....

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It was fantastically clear here - unfortunately, I was training and was too knackered when I got home :laugh:

Bleddy typical!!!

Still DodgyCheck is showing OK tonight, so it's down to the A.S. with Andrew, then Friday, mark_rd and me are meeting up for a session - that's going to be nippy!!!!!

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The sky has never looked so clear and dark, the last time I saw a sky like tonight was last year November ...


Same here. I could only manage 1 hour outside as the Eskimo furs are in the wash


I could just not get the camera to co-operate with the laptop tonight


Trying to image Saturn my camera didn't even want to co-operate with itself. I think I'll have to knit it a woolly jumper for the Winter !

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Crystal here but windy and seeing poor. Had 5 hour session playing with new Atik HS. Phew, what a learning curve. Spent all night focussing on dots, tapping away a laptop, reading through help files, dropping things and tripping over cables. Did get M81, 51 and 13. Totally bodged M42.

To do list - find out - does moving camera further back widen or narrow field (narrow would have thougt)

How to get avis from K3ccdtools to open in Maxim

learn about dark frames and flats

Find out what camera settings to use - gain brightness etc

Take more subs

Roger....ROGER!!!!!!! :laugh:

Still have 10 fingers - just


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