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Urgent help needed Astrophotography scope

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Using your 5SE and 80D you're quite close to m42. It's great you're getting so much out of what you're doing.


I would work out by trial and error what is your longest exposure before star shape is too unround and histogram peak is clear of the left edge then take as many as you can at least 20+.

Ideally do flats, dark flats and bias. But for the sake of learning take as many lights as you can. Star shape a little trailing can be worked with but odd wiggly stars can not.

Maybe take 10 images that are just 5 seconds long might help later when working on the core area.

Take lots of images it is surprising what stacking them can reveal.

Have fun and clear skies.


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Remind us whose birthday it was again? ??

On 10/03/2018 at 05:51, Gavin1234 said:

Thanks Kens. Got it aligned to true south and hopefully the wedge is set properly so I’m good to go for tonight. Hopefully the sky’s are clear enough. Even marked out south on the ground to save time tomorrow.

the wedge seems like it’s on a very sharp angle. Hope I’ve done it right.




On 26/03/2018 at 12:58, Gavin1234 said:

Thanks. I used a canon eos 80D for both.


On 31/03/2018 at 15:43, Gavin1234 said:

My first attempt at processing 




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Haha yep I’ve been using it a lot more than I expected. I have let her have a go once or twice 

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It’s been almost a year since I came here looking for help to buy my wife a scope as a birthday present. At the time I had zero interest in photography or astronomy but a lot has happened since so I though it would be fun to come back and report.

So I ended up buying her a small SCT and then using the scope more than her, while trying to help her set it up I happened to see Orion through the eyepiece. Then I tried to photograph it and then I got hooked on this hobby. I’ve since bought a new scope/complete setup and for almost a year now I’ve been out in my back yard all night every night when it’s not cloudy.

im now using a 100mm refractor, an EQ Mount, a ZWO astrophotography camera, a guide scope, guide camera and just yesterday I got a auto focuser and I also write my name on my photos now ???

I’ve learnt a hell of a lot in a year but continue to know very little. I spent most of last night trying to get my focuser to work.


having said that over the past year, I have managed a few images that I’m proud of. Here is a couple of them as well as my rig and that first dso image from April last year as a comparison.












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Wow, you got hooked! :D I remember your post from last year when I first joined. Brilliant to see where you are now. Top photos :D I am hopefully soon getting an 80 or 100mm Refractor (Maybe esprit) with a 1600MM.

Keep up the great work, inspiring to see!

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Amazing progress in one year, and amusing that it's you that got hooked.

So is the wife also using it all?

Thanks for coming back to this thread. 


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Thanks all. Yes the wife is still using the SCT for planetary and lunar photos

z3rocool, that would be a very similar setup to mine with the 1600mm instead of the 071 colour. I recommend the esprit 100 highly. although I can’t compare it to a lot I’ve always been happy with it.

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