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Found a Sketching Kit box solution

Alan White

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Having ever since starting sketching last year struggled to find a workable means of carrying the items away from my eyepieces etc.
and failed badly;
Well no longer is that the case, nice simple solution from Hobby Craft at £9.99.

All this fits in with space to spare.  That's an A5 sketch pad in black.


IMG_3064.thumb.JPG.18a3eab31ee086adef561f52cf7106e7.JPG    IMG_3065.thumb.JPG.1ee52bccda9b8ea1422bc4d1bbc2b7a2.JPG IMG_3066.thumb.JPG.0de19b1d67e2ec413d9464c072e0b689.JPG

Room for growth of kit, it's bound too after all, it's Astro related and we all know how it just grows on it's own!!


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8 hours ago, mikeDnight said:

It's amazing just how much pleasure a few pencils and a sketch pad can give you. And all for less than £10! What are you going to buy with the penny Alan? :icon_biggrin:

Save it towards another sketch book of course.

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The only thing i need is white conte pencils and black card  no need for coloured pencils unless you doing the odd double ,all in all  every one finds there fav pencils black or white looking forward to some drawing my self this year 


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