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ic 1805, first Ha image


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Some time back I bought an Astronomik 12 nm Ha filter to fill up the last slot in my 5 position filter wheel. I haven't done NB imaging before, and am at the moment more into galaxies. But I figured I'd use it to catch H regions in distant galaxies.

In January during a clear night I tested the filter on the Heart nebula. I wasn't impressed with the results and put the data aside.

This recent Ha image by @gorann prompted me to revisit the data and process it.

So here's my first attempt at Ha, the central region of the Heart nebula, ic 1805.


(click on the image to see a larger version. But pixel peepers be warned.)

Focus was off and tracking was poor, resulting in a soft image and funny star shapes.


SW 150PDS on SW AZ-EQ6 mount, guided

ZWO ASI 174MM-Cool with Astronomik 12 nm ha filter

15 x 240 seconds subs at gain 0, -30 C

total integration time: 1 hour

processed in PixInsight

(Now that I see the image on the server, it has a bright right edge which was not at all as obvious in the original.)

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4 hours ago, Craney said:

You have captured the 'Heart of the Heart'.....  go wide screen  for the full effect.   


This is taken with a DSLR and some Ha added .  (FL. 0.8x500mm = 400mm )

Yes, that's exactly what I was aiming for. I like the detail in this region; it can be stunning in high resolution (ie when seeing, tracking and focusing is spot on).

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