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Adam J

M33 Short Exposure DSLR From Orange Zone

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Not had much time to image recently as the result of a new baby so this is my one and only submission.

I dont normally image galaxies as I live in a Orange zone and I find that its very difficult to achieve a pleasing result with the required Astronomik CLS filter and its effects on colour balance.

However, I have been seeing lots of images from the ASI071mc and QHY168c cameras from highly light polluted locations achieving good quality with large numbers of short exposures so I decided to give it a go with my cooled 550D which according to 'sensor gen' has a lower read noise than either of the two pro cooled cameras when used at high ISO. As such this is very much an experiment for me as I would normally move away from 5 - 10 min exposures at ISO800.

This is 230 x 120s exposures at ISO 3200, taken over three nights from my home observatory, 130PDS, Astronomic CLS clip, HEQ5 guided.

1) 60 on 8/12/17

2) 40 on 11/12/17

3) 130 on 15/12/17

Calibrated with 24 x FLATS and 24 x BIAS only. Dithered 20pix RMS every third frame in place of darks. 

As I dont normally image galaxies and so I am not very practiced at processing, this is my 5th go starting from scratch. I had to change quite allot of how I process from my normal emission nebula work flow.

Most importantly this was also my first use of Astro Pixel Processor (APP) as part of my 30 day trial. DSS was just not cutting it for this and I wanted something with a good tool to remove gradients within the image, I am also very impressed with the color balance achieved despite the CLS filter (its impossible without it), although perhaps still missing some yellows?

I decided to purchase APP as a result of my positive experience. The rest of the processing is performed in PS CS2 with assistance from Noels actions.



Cheers for looking


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