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I'd like to build this type of dome for my work in progress observatory. I've found plenty of geodesic and trapezoid calculators but haven't found any references to similar tools for this type of design.
Is there something blatantly obvious i'm not catching?



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I built this type of dome a few years ago, but couldn't find any online calculator.

What I did find were a full set of drawings from Midland Stargazers for an 8 foot dia dome. I have them here as PDFs, but can't find reference to them anywhere on the web, PM me if you would like them



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The  classic hemispherical dome has some issues when of modest amateur size primarily because the covering gores, if from flat sheet material, can only be curved as part of a cylinder.   The problem is reduced if the gore are very narrow.

An alternative is to have an octagonal dome and base-ring and use cylindrical wall panels throughout with minimal cutting of sheets.   When seen in profile the dome still retains the desired hemispherical form - see Ron Johnson's 2.4m ply painted dome below.           .


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