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Horsehead Nebula

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I've wanted to image the Horsehead Nebula from my obsey for quite a time but nearby trees have blocked my view.  Determined that I would accomplish this in 2018, after a bit of tree pruning in late 2017, I managed to get a theoretical c1 hour per night visibility, albeit at quite a low elevation of c25 degrees. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Since I wasn't quite sure how much of an hour I'd get due to weather and moonlight conditions, I decided to reduce my Ha subs from my normal 1800s to 600s. Since some of the stars in my FoV are quite bright, I also cut my LRGB sub duration from 600s to 300s.

The target has once again disappeared from my view for another year, however, I did manage to capture a usable c6 hours of subs and it only took me three months :happy11:

The image is an LRGB with a Ha blend into the Lum and Red channels.




LIGHTS: L:14, R:11, G:8, B:9 x 300s, Ha:14 x 600s, DARKS:30, BIAS:100, FLATS:40 all at -20C.


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Ouch, painfully slow data acquisition process, but the result is lovely! Is this with the Esprit 150 and is it pretty much the full frame? Love the field of view!

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14 hours ago, Demonperformer said:

Three months well-spent, I would say. 

Yes - I do like the fact that automated imaging allows me to accomplish things that a manual approach would make impractical. 

14 hours ago, tomato said:

Nice one, lovely detail on the actual beast!

Thanks !

14 hours ago, PhotoGav said:

Ouch, painfully slow data acquisition process, but the result is lovely! Is this with the Esprit 150 and is it pretty much the full frame? Love the field of view!

Thanks for the comment Gav. Yes, this is with my Esprit 150 and is an almost full frame. 

12 minutes ago, ollypenrice said:

What a success! NGC2023 is absolutely gorgeous, too.


Thanks Olly - yes, it responded well to Pixinsight's HDRComposition, which exposed quite a bit of detail.


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9 hours ago, Barry-Wilson said:

Couldn't agree more - your time has been well invested.  Delightful Horsey!

Many thanks Barry :hello:


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    • By Dinglem
      This is my first image using my Optolong L-Enhance dual band filter and the free version of Pixinsight, which does certainly take a lot of time to learn. I know it's not going to win any prizes but I'm quite pleased with it. Especially after all the time it's taken me to produce Master Darks, bias and flats today, luckily the weather has meant I've been stuck indoors most of the day.
      This is with my Esprit 100ED, Canon 450D, 24 * 300s Lights, 100 flats, 100 Bias & 30 darks. I do struggle with post processing as I'm not very artistic, so all advice on where to go forward with this will be appreciated. I am hoping to get some more subs with my LP filter to add to it.

    • By rotatux
      My first relative success at this target.
      Some dust mites show because the mount had good tracking and I used no darks nor flats. With my camera the cure should be quite simply to power cycle off/on so that auto-cleaning moves the dust elsewhere.
      Capture: Olympus E-PL6 on Skywatcher 130PDS at 565mm/4.35 with SWCC and didymium filter on Omegon EQ-300 tracking RA
      Exposure: 12 × 60s × 2500iso
      Site: 50km from Paris (France), sky Bortle ~ 4
      Processing: Regim 3.4, Fotoxx 12.01+
    • By PembrokeSteve
      During the 3 clear nights in a row, I had last week, I could not resist giving the Horsehead Nebula a go, using my Vixen VC200L.
      Whilst imaging with my Canon 450D via APT, I could not make out the Horse's head whatsoever on my laptop screen, but I knew I was on target, because I could see NGC2023, at the bottom of my screen.
      Anyway I was pleasantly suprised with this result after processing through APP and tweaking in GIMP.
      Not the total failure I was expecting.

      Image Info:-
      Vixen VC200L Telescope
      Canon 450D camera unmodified
      ISO 1600
      All I could do before fog ended the night:-
      x20 120 sec Lights, x20 100 sec Lights, x10 80 sec Lights, x10 40 sec Lights
      x21 Darks, x40 Bias and x40 Flats

      Processed in APP 


    • By Xiga
      Between the clouds, moon, neighbour's roof, nearby floodlights, and all the usual general life stuff, i've simply not been able to get any meaningful data on the HH (or Orion for that matter either) for the last 2 years! To say it's been my nemesis would be an understatement. At this rate i'll be glad to have that box ticked proper before i hit 50 ? 
      So when we had a few hrs of clear sky (and no moon) a couple of weeks back i knew i had to give it a go. I luckily managed 9 x 7mins before it disappeared behind the neighbour's roof. I also have 5 subs of Ha (90 mins in total) from last March, although it wasn't of great quality (there was a nearly full moon right beside it, plus the neighbour's fire smoke was billowing up through the Fov ? ). 
      I've been waiting patiently for more clear skies to add to this, but that 's not working out too well, lol. I really shouldn't be processing this, but all work and no imaging makes Ciaran a dull boy, so here goes nothin...
      9 x 7mins with an IDAS-D1
      4 x 1200s and 1 x 900s of Ha
      ~2.7 hrs in Total
      Stacked in APP and processed in PS. Lots of heavy lifting needed in PS, and i've reduced it to 50% in size as well. 
      For now, at least, this will have to do. There's a lot of good HH's about so hopefully this one's not too hideous! ? 
      I'll post what the 2 raw stacks looked like below as well, just for kicks. 

      Here's the 9 x 7 mins raw stack (with DDP stretch):

      And here's the ~90min Ha raw stack:

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