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Lunar X & V Feb 22nd 2018

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Thought I would try my hand with another entry. Same old setup, Tak FC-100DC on AZGTi mount. Mark VI binoviewers, Zeiss 25mm orthos, x1.7 GPC and a AP Barcon with extension tube, guessing around x150, maybe less.

iPhone 6 Plus handheld at the eyepiece using ProCam 4 to take the image and PS Express to crop and tweak it a little.


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1 minute ago, Mark at Beaufort said:

Very good Stu. So pleased you gave me the 'heads up' on this yesterday. I had over 50 people at the public star party who all saw the X and V. 

Great stuff Mark! It was a very good night. Chilly though! Bbbrrrrrr! :) 

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    • By Knighty2112
      Close up of a reprocessed avi video images taken on 22nd February just gone, showing from the top the crater Rhaeticus, and running down the terminator to show the Lunar X formed from the combination of crater rims from the craters Purbach, La Caille & Blanchinus. The craters Stofler & Faraday can be seen just off the terminator at the bottom of the image. Image taken with my ZWO ASI 120 MC camera, using my Celestron Omni 120mm f8.3 refractor. Processed through PIPP, Registax, & tweeked in PS CC. Screenshot below image is taken from ios app Moon Globe HD for crater details.

    • By Cosmic Geoff
      I took some practice shots of the Moon on 22 Feb and later realised I had captured the elusive Lunar X
      C8 SE, ZWOASI120MC
    • By Knighty2112
      Just messing with some more data I got from imaging the moon on Thursday 22nd February, and in the attached image below I’ve cropped in closer to the area around the Lunar V feauture, which shows quite a lot of detail with my early attempts with my ZWO ASI 120 MC camera, attached to my Celestron Omni 120mm f8.3 ‘frac. Processed through Registax, touched up in PS, and then on iPad Pro photo app Aviary also.

    • By Knighty2112
      Close up of area around around Lunar V feature, take on 22nd February, 2018. Camera ZWO ASI 120 MC attached to my Celestron Omni 120mm ‘frac.
    • By Stu
      This should be a good one. Moon visible throughout and at 57 degrees at the start. X and V should be on show.
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