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Explorer 190 MN

COMPLETED - Atik 460 EX, Filter Wheel. 9 Filters £1900

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Atik 460EX CCD camera 

Excellent QE 
Low noise characteristics
12.49mm Horizontal x 9.99mm Vertical
Cooler, ΔT= -25oC max
Backfocus 13mm

Atik EFW2 Filter wheel, stable filter wheel milled out of a solid block of aluminium.
Has never missed a beat works perfect.

9 filters included Baadar LRGB Ha OIII SII Hb 1,25"
5x2” filter holder (included) 
9x1.25” filter holder (included)
USB Cable (included) 
12v Car Adaptor (included) 
2" Adaptor (included)



Edited by Explorer 190 MN

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Just a heads up.
You appear to have lost/gained £50 between the title and content. 

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    • By Gonzo
      As per the title, Starlight Xpress SX USB filter wheel with the 5 x2in filter wheel, in excellent condition (comes with the original box and T thread adapters).
      I'm selling it as I am now using a filter drawer instead. The only thing missing is the USB cable, something you probably have...
      £120 + postage (UK only)

    • By AstroRuz
      In great condition. Complete in the box, T2 adaptors included and a short USB lead also included.
      the T2-T2 adaptor is scratched from where I tried to remove it from the camera (not included). Otherwise it's all fine and doesn't affect performance.
      Filters not included. Can be added for £200 (Baader SHO+C 1.25")

    • By Gib007
      This listing is for my personal camera (Kayron from Light Vortex Astronomy). It is a QSI 660wsg-8 monochrome CCD camera with the onboard 8-position filter wheel and Off-Axis Guider (OAG).
      The camera has been extremely well kept and cared for. I am supplying them in the original QSI pelican case, alongside the power adapter (with EU and UK plugs), a new USB cable, the QSI Allen wrench set, the 2" adapter for the camera and the guiding cable. The camera's condition is as-new.
      The QSI 660wsg-8 requires a single USB connection to control both imaging and the filter wheel. It also cools to -45°C below ambient temperature. The CCD sensor is Sony's ICX694, which is extremely low noise requiring no darks whatsoever and having peak Quantum Efficiency of 77%. The readout noise is also extremely low at only 3.97e as per my own measurement. Its full well capacity is of 17,719e, also as per my own measurement. For more information, please see QSI's website:
      Please note that this camera currently retails at just over £3,700 from UK suppliers, €4,400 from European suppliers or $4,200 from US suppliers. Payment is preferred via bank transfer but PayPal is OK with an extra 2.9% to cover PayPal fees. I'll cover postage to you via tracked Courier.
      I welcome any questions you may have regarding this listing. Thank you for looking.

    • By Fieldsy
      Interested in getting a motorised filter wheel and was hoping someone has got a old 5 lens knocking about or have seen one advertised.
      Much appreciated
    • By Dec
      Hi ,
      I am looking to buy my first cooled CCD camera and would like some advice on the best combination of camera, filter wheel and filters for my setup.
      I currently use DSLRs (1 modded and 1 unmodded) with a Altair wave Ed80 triplet mounted on a NEQ6. I guide using a Orion SSG, which works really well, and mostly image DSOs (nebulae and some widefield shots of galaxies).
      I have looked at some cameras online but don't really have a clue where to begin. My budget for camera, filters and filter wheel is about £2.5 - £3k.
      Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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