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Imaging Challenge #8 - Widefield - Winners

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Oh fantastic !! It's really nice to see the three presented on the page together.

Well done Danny and Paul. Not only was Danny's the best photo it probably took the most effort to get. Paul's image just proves that a little bit of cloud / mist produces some lovely colours.

I'd also like to thank everyone who took part as the high quality of the entries made the whole thing worth while. It also goes to show that a DSLR on a static tripod can be a means to an end and not just how to learn :)

Cheers to SGL and FLO. Great competitions and highly rewarding challenges.


Can we have " Stars reflected in water " as the next comp ? :)

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This was my favourite challenge so far - didn't even occur to me that Orion was centre stage in all three... I suppose that at this time of year it had to be really :)

Paul's Orion was my favourite. I love seeing star colours displayed like that! 

Well done all, very tough to judge.



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Worthy winners - I liked Morecambe sands the moment I saw it.  Agreed re: the DSLR and tripod - I need to have another play with mine, but I was really pleased with my experiment and it did really show that taking pictures of the stars isn't all down to the most expensive kit.

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