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Prompted by a post by Grumpy Martian regarding instruments for comet searching, I sifted through a few past sketch books and found these! In no particular order!!



2018-02-16 18.21.02.jpg

2018-02-16 18.19.09.jpg

2018-02-16 18.18.18.jpg

2018-02-16 18.17.30.jpg

2018-02-16 18.15.59.jpg

2018-02-16 18.15.04.jpg

2018-02-16 18.14.19.jpg

2018-02-16 18.13.29.jpg

2018-02-16 18.11.01.jpg

2018-02-16 18.09.46.jpg

2018-02-16 18.08.44.jpg

2018-02-16 18.07.47.jpg

2018-02-16 18.06.58.jpg

2018-02-16 18.12.46.jpg

2018-02-16 18.30.20.jpg

2018-02-16 18.31.04.jpg

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6 hours ago, RJ901 said:

These are awesome!! Having just started with sketching, I have hopes that in 35 years I’ll be able to look back on a stack of sketches half as brilliant. Great stuff!

I'm really glad you've started sketching some of your observations. It really is a great way to record what you see, and if you're lazy like me, you'll find it far more pleasant to muse over your sketches than read copious notes. A picture speaks a thousand words, so the saying goes! Plus you'll begin to see more, because your concentration is heightened! :icon_biggrin:

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