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Hi, from Memphis!

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Hi, all! I've been into astronomy for as long as I can remember, usually from the couch watching shows regarding the subject or reading books, and never got hands on until last January I purchased a 10" Sky-Watcher Traditional Dob. Best decision ever!! Since then I can be found outside on almost any clear night fighting the Bortle 7-8 skies here and have logged hundreds of unique observations; I'm hooked. The next logical step in my path towards increased addiction seemed to start posting in forums, so here I am.


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1 hour ago, Demonperformer said:

Hi and welcome to SGL.

That is a great scope with (apparently) even greater skies - no wonder you are hooked. Keep up the good work, and do share your observing sessions on the appropriate board.

Thanks for the welcome all! I wish I had great skies... my NELM is 4.5 - 5. Luckily I do have a nice spot about 45 minutes away that I can escape to!

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Welcome from land down under

Many happy hours of observing

If have a club near you, then drop in one night for a visit

I have been on committee longer than care to remember with my club

Club nights, members give talk and presentation on what they have been imaging, and latest things in the amazing world of astronomy, and deep space exploration

Club was involved with NASA's Cassini spacecraft project and had a person on the Cassini project assigned to the club, and they provided club members with regular updates, as well as memorabilia including posters and stickers

Club is also involved in presentations to primary schools, space badge scout/guide movement

Couple times of the year, club also hosts public viewing night, and members have around 20 scopes set up on the night


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Breaking news

NASA is launching a new probe to our sun called Parker Solar Probe later this year

NASA have invited astronomy communities members world wide to submit their name, to be included on microchip on the probe, and you can print a VIP boarding pass






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Hello from your neighbor north of the border! boy have you come to the right forum! Here you’ll find just about the greatest bunch of stargazers ever to stare upwards lol,  your choice of first scope is  fantastic BTW!.

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