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Storage/Transport Solution for new Telescope - Help!

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A dew zapper would keep an objective lens warm enough I presume.

A warning  :excl:for handling a scope in freezing weather, bare hands on cold metal, numbing/numbed hands on cold metal, woollen or fleecy gloves handling slippery tubes are all risky.

Those thermal gripper gloves you can buy in hardware stores are good for gripping. Put OTA etc in its case or box (boxes can get soggy) or handles and carry it to safety. Beware slippery ground!

Easy to want to rush in for a :coffee22: and forget the above. :evil5:


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34 minutes ago, 25585 said:

thermal gripper gloves you can buy in hardware stores are good for gripping.

Thanks for the suggestion. The gloves I have are useless for dismantling my gear and that is the only time my hands get ridiculously cold. These might be the answer. 

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3 minutes ago, Demonperformer said:

Thanks for the suggestion. The gloves I have are useless for dismantling my gear and that is the only time my hands get ridiculously cold. These might be the answer. 

These might be worth a try https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASTROGLOVES-Astronomy-Specially-Astronomers-Practical/dp/B0173PG4QI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1519846760&sr=8-1&keywords=astro+gloves


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    • By newtyng5
      Skywatcher 14” FlexTube Dobsonian GOTO with extras
      Skywatcher Skyliner 350P 14" F/4.5 FlexTube GOTO for sale.

      Comes with :
      Skywatcher PowerTank 17Ah.
      Heater strip on the secondary mirror. does NOT come with the Dew Controller.
      Telrad Finder and Telrad Riser Base.
      Skywatcher 9x50 Finderscope
      25mmSkywatcher Super Plossl eyepiece
      Skywatcher 2x Barlow lens.
      Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser with 1.25" adapter
      Astrozap light shroud for Skywatcher FlexTube
      Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece
      Laser Collimating Eyepiece.
      This a big scope with great views. Can be used as a goto or a push to scope.
      In excellent condition.
      The scope can be assembled and disassembled in about 10 minutes or so.


      Buyer collects. Nottingham NG7 Area.

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      After re-entering this hobby about four years ago, I've successfully acquired more gear than I have sold on whilst I worked out what I liked.
      I've now worked out that my Fracs get used most often and so I have a couple of Newts and a Mak to get rid of.
      1) - Skywatcher 150P / 750mm - £90 + P&P
      In good condition, some minor scratching to the external paintwork which was on it when I got it used, and normal marks to the dovetail but nothing that affects the views.  Optically the mirrors are excellent and the primary was cleaned and centre spotted with a CatsEye reflective Hotspot to make collimation easier last year.  OTA and focuser draw tube have been fully flocked and the secondary mirror adjusters have been replaced with thumbscrews to make adjustment easier.
      Comes complete with tube rings, vixen dovetail, 1.25" and 2" adaptors for the focuser.
      2) - Skywatcher 130PDS - £90 + P&P
      Got this with the intention of trying to image, but later decided that I don't have the patience and prefer sketching.  Have used it twice in the last 18 months, so it really needs to go to a loving home where it will be used for what it was designed to do.
      There is some scratching and an associated dent to the OTA where it looks like the tube has been rotated without fully loosening the tube ring.  This was on the OTA when I received it, but again doesn't affect the views.
      Mirrors are free from scratches, though may be slightly dusty due to lack of use.  Tube has a few marks to the paintwork but nothing significant.  
      Sale includes OTA, tube rings, vixen dovetail, 1.25" eyepiece adaptor and 6x30mm finderscope.
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      This setup is actually brand new as my original one was replaced by WEX under warranty when the original mount developed a fault.  However, after sending it off I moved onto a larger OTA and have only opened the box and used the scope half a dozen times since.
      Excellent condition and includes all accessories in the original retail package including RDF, 10mm and 25mm eyepieces, 90 degree diagonal, SNAP cables, L-bracket, instructions and the Virtuoso tabletop AltAz mount.  The mount tracks as default but can be converted to full goto with a Synscan Handset and Synscan AZ cable (not included).  I've tested it with the the SynScan WiFi Dongle, and the SynScan app identifies the mount and it responds to a goto command and the slewing keys so it looks like GoTo can be achieved through the app and dongle, though I haven't thoroughly tested this.
      Some marks to the dovetail through the half dozen or so uses that it has had when I've used it to decide whether or not I wanted to keep it and some scratching to the underside of the mount where it has been attached to a Manfrotto Tripod.
      The Heritage Virtuoso setup is is still in the double boxed packaging that it arrived in and is well packed with the original bubble wrap.
      I need to get some packaging together as I don't have the original packaging for the 150P or the 130PDS but they can be securely packed for sending via courier, or alternatively can be collected from Poole in Dorset.
      P&P will be £15 for Parcelforce 48hr or £20 via Parcelforce 24hr.
      Payment via PayPal Friends or add 4% to normal PayPal to cover fees please.
      Photos of the items below.  I've tried to upload these in the same order as above.  If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
      PM me if you are interested.

    • By Patbloke
      Can't make my mind up on whether or not to buy a newt for ZWO imaging.
      The Skywatcher pds range seem to be modified slightly for prime focus imaging (is this just a DSLR photography thing?) Every imager I have ever met seems to use the smaller newts like the 130 or 150 pds... Someone said that there's less possibility of the tube being bothered by the wind for one reason? 
      I realise that aperture is king when visual observing (yes I also realise that quality is as important) not so sure on imaging?
      I found a reasonably priced used 130p but doesn't have dual focuser which I am used to on my scopes, so I'm tempted to just go for it... However as once having access to a 200p I used to love using that scope for visual... 
      Not sure and I am procrastinating over this one so much I think I'm going to need therapy!!! I have resorted to trying a poll for the first time 🙂 Not sure how that works either, but every day is a school day folks!
      P.S I am reading every photon counts but it's taking some time 
    • By Sunshine
      HEY its about time eh!!!! my first astrophoto with a dedicated cam using all the bells and whistles like iCap and Registax.
       Programs that are still alien mumbo jumbo to me, but after eating a whole bunch of youtube videos and a bunch more trial and error, I finally pumped out this abomination, or so it must seem to you Pro's lol
      I had a very vague idea of how to set up proper parameters in iCap for lunar imaging but I tried several settings and used youtube also, regarding wavelets, I basically dragged sliders all over the place
      and watched changes occur. There is much to learn about post work in iCap, but i'll give it the old college try lol, my sole reason for posting is for feedback, this is where you Pro's shine, oh do I need 
      Anyway, it is my first astrophoto so no matter how much better it can be, well, it will do for now and I say that with a bit of swag because hey! at least I see craters there lol.
      Exposure time.....no clue!
      Number of frames....a whole bunch
      Attempts.....way too many!
      Wavelet values.....all over the place
      De noising....didn't work at all I think
      Resolution...12 something by ??? forgot
      The conditions were horrid, a mak is not an imaging scope as I have learned the hard way, F1800 not good, I will definitely be looking at a much shorter FL scope,
      Far too tight an image, I would need a 50 shot mosaic for full moon, or a focal reducer which I'm not sure anyone makes for my Mak.

    • By Sunshine
      Finally i have had some time tonight, under a clear sky, to point my new SW Mak 150 which i bought in December at the beautiful waxing crescent moon in the western sky outside my backyard porch.
      i had no idea what to expect, having never even looked through a mak before, i set the scope out early and left it to equalize while i had dinner and some television, 3 hours later i realized i had put the scope out and bolted out lol.
      I inserted my 24mm X cell LX reasoning that with the inherent narrow FOV of this scope i better use a 24 right off the bat, well it was just enough to squeeze the moon into the FOV entirely, and what a grand view it was, i really was blown away!.
      First off i was struck by the beautiful contrast, the razor sharp limb against the inky black sky was fantastic, second was earthshine, beautiful looking and striking against the darker backdrop, craters speckled up and down the terminator with mare's and mountain ranges 
      beautifully contrasted and razor sharp.
      Seeing conditions were very good, with minimal atmospheric distortion,  i was able to push magnification up to 250 while maintaining image quality with minimal loss, i can honestly say that this Mak has provided me with a view of the moon i haven't seen since 
      looking through a Televue Frac at a star party years ago.
      I can't wait to give Jupiter a go later tonight if the clouds don't roll in as expected since rain is in the forecast for the morning, but i don't mind anyway, i have waited since December for both weather and time to finally use my new scope, i can wait for jupiter.
      Tonight, i felt as though i rediscovered the moon, such was the absolutely beautiful view through this scope which is new to me, i will be looking at some eyepieces with a bit longer FL to give me a bit more FOV around the moon, maybe a 30mm would do the trick.

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