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Greetings from New York


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Hi everyone,

I happened upon this site while doing what we all do when we are not out observing or imaging - searching for ways to part with more money on astro gear :-).  I'm an avid amateur astronomer from New York who has been looking up for more years than not and have interests in visual observing, imaging and sharing my passion for astronomy with others. I have served as an officer and president of our local astronomy club for many years and never tire of the look of amazement and delight on the faces of people the first time they look through a telescope. I have found that there is nothing like doing an outreach event to rekindle your own sense of wonder.

I have a love for solar viewing as well both white light and h-alpha and have been known to chase an eclipse or two. Astronomy themed travel is something that I really enjoy and I am look forward to sharing some of my travel experiences with the group.


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Hello MikeV

welcome to SGL

you will find a lot of like minded people here, look forward to hearing about those experiences :happy11:

Is that not difficult observing in New York? would imagine the light pollution would be horrendous, i assume you travel to the outskirts of the city?

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26 minutes ago, JemC said:

Is that not difficult observing in New York? would imagine the light pollution would be horrendous, i assume you travel to the outskirts of the city?

Yes - which is why I travel and got into solar h-alpha viewing :-). I live about 35 miles outside the city and it helps a little but its still pretty bad. You can view the brighter objects, planets, the moon and enjoy colored and double stars, etc. That still did not stop me from building an observatory in the back yard as it removes the setup and cool down when I can find the time to get out an observe. I toyed with doing some narrow band imaging but I simply do not have the time for that with my current job.


Thanks for the warm welcome all!

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Welcome Mike from land down under

Like yourself, been committee member of my local astronomy club, longer than can remember

Club is very active

Unfortunately last week we were totally rained out for the lunar eclipse, and a lot of very disappointed club members

Club was also doing a public display that night with media coverage

With the club go into primary schools and do presentations, and also space badge and astronomy badge scout/guide movement

There is seven astronomy clubs around South East Queensland, Australia, and every year clubs get together for annual week long Astrofest, which now attracts international visitors

Link to Astrofest Queensland  http://www.qldastrofest.org.au/

First weekend in July, club is presentencing an astronomy weekend, with local and international presenters

Also had several of our members head over your way, for last years solar eclipse

In 2012 we had a total solar eclipse here as well, also the transit of Venus

Day of the transit, we had about 30 scopes set up local park on the foreshore, which attracted a lot of interest from the public and media

Have attached link to Star Stuff 2018, in July  https://starstuff.com.au/ 

Club link is http://sas.org.au/

When go into club link, click on Event Horizon, which is our monthly newsletter, and read about what club members been doing

Also have a team of our members, who over the last 10+ year, been chasing previously unknown supernovas and comets

Comet Lovejoy, was one of their discoveries

Be great to stay in touch

My contact details are on our website under Field Night and scout/guide coordinator

If you make it down this way, you very welcome to come along to one of our club nights







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Carole - I am about 35 miles outside of the city on the south shore of Long Island. Because I am ALL the way south the skies to the south over the Atlantic are noticeably darker than the dome of light to the north. "Noticeably darker" is relative however and it's all still pretty bad.

John - I'll take you up on that when next I visit. I actually make a point to visit local clubs when I travel and I am always pleased to find that the amateur community generally shares the same passion and spirit no matter where you are. I will check out your club site over the weekend.



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