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Astronomik CLS filter review


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Hi all

THis is a comparative test of the Astronomik CLS light pollution filter below are a set of half and half images of The Ring in Lyra

30 second exposure at 800asa taken with a Canon 350D on a ST80 refractor

1st image left hand side is with fringe killer and CLS, right hand side with only fringe killer

image straight out of camera just resized for posting

2nd image as above but black and white points adjusted in photoshop, think the CLS filter gives a huge improvement in colour to the ring.

as usual all comments welcome, hope you find it interesting




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Interesting comparison Alan. Boy, do you have light pollution :laugh:

The effect of the CLS is very marked, sepecially once you adjust in photoshop. Quite impressive.

I have a CLS too, but hadn't noticed such a marked effect - perhaps as the LP is not so bad where I observe.

I will hold the CLS in higher esteem now.


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yup they certainly are Good Al , i tested them a while back for Bern , here in Basildon the LP is bad in the north , right where a lot of galaxies are , but i found using the CLS a huge improvement , i could see the images very plain on the screen whilst image , whilst before with just the IR filter they could barely be seen

a super filter ,and your image there shows how good ,



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