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a few notes of a nice session


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Tonight the sky conditions were good and I was free from work duties. This was a very enjoyable session and I'm so glad that I finally managed to optimise this recent equipment so that there is nothing that distracts me from observing. The combo AyoII+Uni19 does the job superbly in my opinion. Movements are as smooth as a very good dobson and the central column allows me to observe standing without assuming yoga positions. For me, this is like going back to the old times with the TV60, but now with a bigger telescope. Most of this session was done using a magnification of 37x, with some zoom in at 59x. For opening the Trapezium in Orion, ~120-140x mags were used.


Temperature: 2C, darkness: ~19.7mag, Wind: 11km/h W. Time: 20.30pm-11pm.  

- M45 (Pleiades)
- C41 (Hyades)
- NGC 1647 (Pirate Moon Cluster)
- M1 (Crab Nebula)

- M42 (Orion Nebula) - Both E and F in Trapezium were visible 
- M43 (Mairan's Nebula)
- NGC1980 (the lost jewel of Orion)
- M78 (Casper the Friendly ghost nebula)
- Chain of stars around Meissa (lambda Orionis)
- NGC 2194 (Intergalactic Wanderer) and NGC 2169 (Little Pleiades) - North of Betelgeuse.

- M35 (Shoe-Buckle cluster)

- NGC 2264 (Christmas Tree cluster) 
- NGC 2244 (Rosette Nebula + Satellite cluster). Not much nebula was visible. I should have used >4mm exit pupil for this target.. well.. next time..
- NGC 2302, 2309, M50 (Coil cluster), nice little open clusters

Canis Major:
- M41 (Little Beehive Cluster)

- M44 (Beehive Cluster or Praesepe)
- M67 (King Cobra cluster),

- NGC 2903 (galaxy near Algenubi, epsilon Leo), possibly easier than the Leo Triplet.
- M65-M66-NGC3628 (Leo triplet, the latter was a bit faint)

- M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy), two cores were visible
- Mizar (zeta UMa)
- M97 (Owl Nebula), ring shape target. OIII helps a lot. 
- M108 (Surfboard galaxy - close to M97 - rather faint)
- M81-M82 (Bode's and Cigar galaxies), SUPERB!!
- NGC3077 (The Garland Galaxy - right below Bode's galaxy)

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Nice one :).

Did a similar route myself tonite (a frosty nite at Coastal Norway for me and the Docter 12.5mm)

'Trapezium : E star visible at 96x

-Praesepe  : Glorious. Also easy visible naked eye.

-M38 With a rather disappointingly dim NGC1907 compared to earlier sessions.

-NGC 2903 easy to find and a fine galaxy

-3 faint galaxies in Leos mane.

-Leo triplets

After Reading Your report I regret not pointing the Scope towards Ursa Major.




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Excellent report.. you have bagged quite a nice collection of objects... I haven't had a very clear night for a while now, but reading your report brought me back to the last time I had black skies and "wow" moment observing.



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