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Star Adventurer bolt

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Evening :happy11:

Wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction (if there is one) with a little problem i have with my star adventurer :huh:

my intention is to use the tripod from my Eq6 pro, however the problem i have is in acquiring a bolt that is both long enough and the correct size bolt to enable me to do this, i think if i am correct the thread size is 3/8 but i am happy to be corrected if wrong, 

does anyone use this type of tripod for their star adventurer and if so how do you secure it to the tripod

or is there an easier way to secure it to the tripod?

any thoughts/ideas or were i could purchase such a bolt would be appreciated,




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You are correct in that the bolt is 3/8 inch. But that's as far as I can go.


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8 minutes ago, thomasv said:

I use this (the HEQ5 version), it works, but if you can find the correct 3/8" long screw somewhere, I guess that would be cheaper.

That looks quite neat,

i have been looking but not had any success, so it looks like i may have to purchase the Berlebach 3/8" Photo Adapter for EQ6 Tripod

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It's been done before what you are trying to do, have you seen this post, however no source mentioned for the stud.


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I had an adaptor made to fit an EQ5 tripod:


Any engineering workshop should be able to run one up for you - unfortunately the chap who did mine no longer makes them or I'd send you to him. You might find someone on the forum with a workshop who can sort it for you.

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On 12/02/2018 at 21:36, thomasv said:

It's been done before what you are trying to do, have you seen this post, however no source mentioned for the stud.

Thanks @thomasv for pointing this out,

i ended up contacting GWR-Fasteners and  they could supply what i needed, (great service as well)

this is what i have ended up with, ( not the best image of it but you get the jist:icon_biggrin: )

there is a big noticeable difference as to how much more rigid it is when mounted on the EQ6 tripod rather than the ravelli one i was using, 

as per usual just need the weather to play nice,


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I bought a length of 3/8 studding and a couple of nuts and washers. Very cheap and very easy.

For a tripod with a North Pin for an equatorial head you can make a simple wooden spacer. All done with only a drill and a jigsaw for a quick session and never updated.

[Sorry for the out-of-focus shot of the mount - just quick snaps]


2018-02-19 08.50.05.jpg

2018-02-19 08.50.22.jpg

2018-02-19 08.51.06.jpg

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      This is my second go at using the Star Adventurer, Target > Orion (again) 
      This time i got everything ready during the day that i was going to need, and used a little of  @SteveNickolls advice,
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      got it all lined up and polar aligned (not to happy with the polar illuminator) i was however open to the elements and it was quite blustery with no means of sheltering my set up from it, 
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      Skywatcher star adventurer
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      any recommendations or advice/tips would be appreciated,
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